Do you love scary movies and are you looking for something you have not seen yet? So, this blog about Spanish horror movies is just for you.

One of the best ways to learn Spanish, and undoubtedly one of the most fun, is to watch the movies and series in their original version. For example, in our previous blogs we have already made the summary of the best Spanish films of 2018. Instead, today we want to talk about Spanish horror films. Remember that this genre also includes the works of Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro Amenábar, two famous Hispanic directors. So, pay attention to our recommendations to have fun!


This horror movie of the year 2007 is a must for all lovers of zombie movies. It is shot as a fake documentary and short film, thus following the tradition of the film “The Blair Witch Project”. The film begins when some journalists want to record a story about firefighters and follow a brigade. This goes to an emergency call in a building in Barcelona to rescue an elderly woman who has been trapped. However, the woman found acts very violently and bites one of the officers in the neck.

Julia’s eyes

In this thriller the protagonist, Julia, senses that something bad has happened with her sister Sara. Therefore, he goes to visit her and finds her dead; however, all indications point to suicide. Sara suffered a degenerative disease that caused partial blindness. Unfortunately, Julia has the same disease and seems to share her same destiny …

The room of the boy

It is a film by the famous director Álex de la Iglesia about whom we spoke in one of our posts. In this film a marriage with a newborn baby moves to an old house to start his family life. In the child’s room, parents put a device that listens to their child and records everything that happens to them. But soon they realize that there is someone else in this house, a being who sits by the cradle every night ….

We hope you liked this post and that it encourages you to learn to study Spanish through film. Soon we will present more movies and series to complement your Spanish courses in Valencia.

Happy Tuesday!