To enter Spain you need a valid National Identity Card (DNI) (this lasts only for one citizens of the European Union) or a VISA, for those nationalities that require it. You can also ask for the confirmation of being in possession of the return ticket and, in some cases, prove that you are solvent economically.

Length of stay:
To stay more than 90 days allowed an extension of the visa of the Spanish Immigration Authorities must be requested. In VALENCIA applicants must go to the headquarters of the National Police in Calle de Gramis 6, at least 3 weeks before the deadline expires.

In the case of those who already consider staying in Spain more than 90 days before entering the country, they can inquire at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate of the country of origin or they can request information directly from El Rincón del Tándem Spanish School

Visa management

  • Personal attention
  • Shipping certified mail
  • Maximum arrival time 14 days