The activities we do in the El Rincón del Tándem language school from 8/06/2020 to 30/09/2020

Visita cultural

Cada lunes el Rincón del Tándem Spanish School ofrece a sus estudiantes una visita cultural. Descubriremos juntos el casco Antiguo de Valencia, sus rincones escondidos y su historia. La visita se realiza exclusivamente en español para permitir a nuestros estudiantes de practicar el idioma.

  • Cada Lunes
  • Precio 5,00€
  • Horario 18:00 – 20:30

Día de cine

Cada Martes el Rincón del Tándem Spanish School invita a sus estudiantes a participar de una la noche de cine en el histórico Cinestudio D’Or de Valencia, fundado en 1951 es el único cine de las grandes capitales españolas  que mantiene firme su apuesta por las películas de reestreno.

  • Cada Martes
  • Precio 3,50€
  • Horario 17:30

Clase de baile

Cada miércoles el Rincón del Tándem Spanish School en colaboración con la escuela de baile Loco Valencia Salsa ofrece clases de baile en español. Un experiencia única con bailarines profesionales y calificados. Las clases se organizarán en el Parque del Turia.

  • Cada miércoles
  • Precio 5€
  • Horario 18:30

Charla en Español

Una de las formas más rápidas y útiles para aumentar tu nivel de español es estar en contacto directo con hispanohablantes, de ahí que nuestra escuela organice cada jueves una CHARLA EN ESPAÑOL donde podremos conversar y de esta forma aprender todavía más sobre la cultura y costumbres españolas.

  • Cada Jueves
  • Precio GRATIS
  • Horario 20:00

Taller fotográfico en Español

Cada viernes el profesor Víctor os acompañará en una visita guiada en español por la Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias. Allí compartirá con sus estudiantes los secretos para crear la composición perfecta para una foto perfecta practicando al mismo tiempo español.

  • Cada viernes
  • Precio 5,00€
  • Horario 19:30 – 20:30

Clase de yoga en la playa

>Cada domingo en la Playa de la Malvarrosa una profesora de yoga os acompañará en un viaje de relax durante el atardecer valenciano. La clase será en español para seguir practicando el idioma fuera del aula.

  • Cada domingo
  • Precio 5,00€
  • Horario 20:00

Here are some examples of the activities we do in the El Rincón del Tándem language school to improve and enhance Spanish in our students:

Valencia Urban Art route:

Valencia, despite its size, is one of the cities where the Street Art is booming. In fact, our artists (some friends) are doing work around the world and often have great prestige. This route attempts to show the city center from the artistic point of view, away from traditional paths. We admire the murals and graffiti of prominent artists like Blu, Deih, Julieta XLF, Escif (Valencia Banksy) … etc

Jazz Night:

Very few know that for a few years now, Valencia has been entering the international jazz circuit, with many concerts and future growth in its genre. With Spanish school El Tandem we will go to one of the jam sessions, spread throughout the city, to enjoy some good music together.


Bike Tour:

At Spanish school El Rincón del Tandem we do our best to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, we love to promote the use of bicycles as transportation. Valencia is a city that is becoming more and more sustainable. It’s very easy to get around on a bike or by walking. At our Spanish School, we propose a route through the river Turia, the largest urban garden in Spain, where we can enjoy excellent landscapes and architecture.

Photo Memories:

As photography lovers, we believe it is mandatory to take a nice souvenir of your experience with you, so during your stay we will suggest some photographic spots where we can go together to make the most of your camera. Remember that there is a specific course for this purpose, which will be an introduction to the techniques of SLR photography and photographic excursions to various points of interest. This will take you to the most beautiful spots of Valencia.

Visit to the Albufera Natural Reserve:

The park of the Albufera consists of a great flora and fauna worth admiring. The Tandem offers you the possibility to enter inside the park and to cross the viewpoints of birds that are there. In addition as an extra activity there is the possibility of taking a boat trip on the lake of Albufera.

Pedaling up to the Saler:

For the more sporty we suggest a bike route to the Saler, one of the most beautiful beaches in the city of Valencia. The route crosses some fishing villages glued to the sea, in addition the road is surrounded by dunes and Mediterranean vegetation (pines, Mediterranean scrubland …) so you will enjoy a direct contact with the nature of the region.


The city of Sagunto is considered as the origin of the Roman settlement in Valencia, being at that time more important than the current provincial capital. Sagunto offers a very rich fusion of cultures as Arabs, Jews and Christians have lived in the city. Together we will make an excursion to the castle, to the Roman theater and we will cross the labyrinthine streets of the Jewish quarter.

Navigating through Valencia:

If you visit Valencia it is mandatory to spend a day on the high seas, and the Tandem offers this possibility. We will organize routes of different duration depending on your requirements and your budget. Do you want to watch a sunset from the martomando a glass of champagne? It’s possible. Do you just want to go on a yacht? It’s possible. Do you want a boat party? Ask for it. Do you fancy an excursion with swim in the open sea? Why not? What would you say about having a paella in the middle of the sea with good music and a cocktail in your hand? You can also do it.

Wine lovers:

For many it is known that the Valencian Community has a great number of wines of excellent quality, that is why, from the Tandem, we want to approach them with a very special tasting, with products of the community accompanied by these delicious néctares.


If you are looking for a day excursion to Madrid or Barcelona, ​​alone or accompanied, you can contact us and we will offer you the means to get the cheapest way to reach your destination. If you are a group, sure that the option is cheaper, we will give you the means to achieve it, always at zero profit for us.