Spanish Courses

El Rincón del Tándem Spanish courses are ideal for students of any age whose goal is learning Spanish language and culture. The classes are designed to reach a main objective: improving language and communication, listening and writing skills. Besides grammar exercises, classes include different activities:

  • Discussion on different topics (current issues and Hispanic culture).
  • Projection and didactical use of short-movies, documentary films and movies in Spanish.
  • Spanish conversation sessions for all levels.
  • Reading, analysis and discussion on newspaper and journal articles.

From the beginning to the end of each session, priority is given to the use of Spanish in the classroom. Spanish lessons at El Rincón del Tándem are interactive and communicative and, in many cases, implies the use of new technologies to reach the objectives that have been established by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). Furthermore, the learning objectives are being consolidated through activities outside the classroom, during which the students put their knowledge into practice, in a real context and situations.



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The study programme of our Spanish classes 

Based on a communicative and language immersion approach, the students learn Spanish according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This comprehensive approach will help students develop the linguistic skills that are included in the Dictionary for ELE keywords of the Cervantes Virtual Centre.

From the beginning to the end of each session, priority is given to the use of Spanish in the classroom. It should be noted that when carrying out comparative grammar exercises or giving important instructions, we use vehicular languages. By prioritizing Spanish in the classroom, students quickly learn to communicate effectively and naturally in everyday situations.

The CEFR classifies students into 3 main categories; each category is divided in two sub-categories. The six reference levels are being widely accepted as qualification standard for language proficiency.

Our classrooms are lively and interactive spaces, equipped with all the resources needed to make students quickly reach their Spanish learning objectives through several kinds of tasks and activities.

Course divisions and number of hours

A Basic user

A1 Breakthrough ( 60 hours )

A2 Preliminary ( 120 hours )

B Independent user

B1 Intermediate ( 180 hours )

B2 Advanced ( 180 hours )

C Proficient user

C1 Proficiency ( 180 hours)

C2 Mastery ( 180 hours)

Development of the Spanish classes

The small size of the groups is important for language learning. This is the reason why at El Rincón del Tándem the number of students per class is limited (max. 10 people). In this way, teachers can answer questions individually and students can practice new words and the put into practice the knowledge they have acquired at school. Our study program is based on a communicative and dynamic approach. Besides all the activities are adjusted to any level.

Linguistic progression 

A1 Basic user – Breakthrough

The user can understand and use commonly daily expressions and basic phrases aimed at satisfying simple needs. The user can introduce him/herself and others, ask and give simple personal information about his/her home, belongings and known people.  The user can interact at a basic level as long as the other person speaks slowly and clearly and is ready to help.

A2 Basic user  – Preliminary

The user can understand commonly used phrases and expressions related to relevant areas of experience (basic personal or family information, shopping, places of interest, employment, etc.). The user can express him/herself in order to carry out simple and everyday tasks that requires direct and easy exchange of information on familiar or common matters. The user can describe in simple terms aspects of his/her past, of his/her environment as well as matters concerning simple needs.

B1 Independent user – Intermediate

The user can understand the  main points of clear texts in standard language that deal with familiar matters related to work, studies or leisure. The user can interact with ease in the majority of situations that may arise while travelling in Spanish-speaking areas. The user can produce simple and coherent texts about familiar issues that are important to him/her. The user can describe experiences, events, wishes and aspirations,  argue his/her opinions briefly or explains plans.

B2 Independent user – Advanced

The user can understand the main points of complex texts on both abstract or concrete topics, including technical texts related to his/her area of expertise. The user can communicate with fluency and spontaneity so that the conversation with native speakers  turns out to be effortless.  The user can produce clear and detailed texts on several topics as well as to defend a point of view about general issues, expressing pros and cons of each option.

C1 Proficient user – Proficiency

The user can understand a wide range of long texts with a high degree of exactitude and to recognize implicit meanings. The user can express him/herself fluently and spontaneously, choosing the right expressions effortlessly. The user can use the language with flexibility and effectiveness to reach social, academic and professional goals. The user can produce clear, well-organized and detailed texts on complex issues, properly using organization, cohesion and composition techniques.

C2 Independent user – Mastery

The user can easily understand everything he/she hears and reads. The user can recreate, in both oral and written form, information and arguments from different sources and to present them in a summarized and coherent way. The user can express him/herself spontaneously, fluently and with a high degree of accuracy, differentiating  meaning nuances, even in the most complex situations.

All Spanish courses

Enrolment fee included

Placement test (from home)

Personalised attention through our contact telephone numbers and e-mail (response within 24 hours).

All levels from A1 to C2

You will speak Spanish from the moment you enter the school

Any duration: from 1 week to 1 year

Small groups: maximum 10 people and minimum 4

Morning and afternoon classes (depending on the group)

Certificate of attendance

Special face-to-face courses and activities in Valencia

Individual classes and tailor-made programmes

Possibility to continue learning online (Skype, GoogleMeets, etc.)

Library loan service

Talks in Spanish

Cultural activities

Didactic resources