Standard Spanish Course

The Standard Course consists of 10 hours or 15 hours per week, split into 2 hours or 3 hours per day and can be delivered either in the morning or in the afternoon (depending on the groups). This Spanish course is addressed to people who want to learn in the most efficient and fastest way, therefore classes are designed to reach a main objective: improving speaking, writing and reading skills.

Number of hours

10 hours or 15 hours a week

Course duration

1 week – 1 year

Number of students

4 to 8 per class

Teaching materials

No included in the price






A1 – C2



Development of the Spanish classes

Our Spanish lessons are enjoyable and interactive and allow students to reach the learning objectives through different tasks and activities inside and outside the school. Our classes are small, up to 8 people, and offer a friendly and relaxed environment where students feel comfortable to speak Spanish. From beginning to the end of each class, students will be speaking Spanish only in order to learn how to communicate effectively in daily situations. Besides grammar exercises, lessons consist of several activities, like watching Spanish movies, reading, analysing and debating on newspaper articles, talking about different topical issues or Hispanic culture. All the activities are adjusted to the different levels.


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