Study Spanish

When you study Spanish at El Rincón del Tándem Spanish School in Valencia you make an advantageous choice. Can be challenging, especially when your native structure is quite different from the Spanish one. By the way, do not worry! We will help you study Spanish efficiently in order to make you easily understand every Spanish word.

While studying in Spanish, you will acquire listening, speaking and writing skills that you will be able to practice everywhere. At our school, you will also start speaking Spanish from the very beginning. In fact, our Spanish school well understands the importance for students to be able to start communication improving their Spanish as quick as possible to adapt to their environment in an appropiate way.

If you want to study Spanish, you need to be patient, active and motivated. During Spanish lessons you will get all the information you need to practice it on a daily basis. When you finish studying Spanish with us, we are pretty sure that your level will be much better, but it also depends on the time you will spend to study Spanish.

El Rincón del Tándem make students achieve all the goals they set before starting their course. And that’s why we focus and keep track to help them to achieve it through activities inside and outside the school, surrounding themselves with Spanish culture and way of life.

Why should I study Spanish?

Are you asking yourself: Why should I study Spanish? If you are, we provide here many reasons why you should master it. First of all is widely spoken all over the world. To study Spanish will help you to travel to Spanish-speaking countries, get to know in depth new cultures and making friends everywhere.

Also is a highly demanded skill in the labour market. If you are planning to enhance your job skills in order to find new opportunities either in your country or abroad, do not miss the chance to study Spanish in Spain, thus living an exciting adventure!

Besides, if you are striving to make your business international, you have another good reason to study those specific Spanish words. During our lessons you will study work related vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. Furthermore, our Spanish school provides a cosy and friendly place where students can study Spanish by having fun with our classes, activities and method.

Spanish is a World language

Spanish is the second most spoken in the world after Mandarin Chinese. Besides, it is official in 20 countries of South and Central America. Spanish is also the second most widely spoken in United States and it is also spoken in the Philippines and some African countries, like Guinea Equatorial. Also, there are large Spanish-speaking communities all around the world.

Therefore, is a multicultural and the number people studying Spanish has been steadily growing. We can say that Spanish words travel around the world, offering other travelers a different communicative way. Without a doubt to study Spanish is one of the best way to get connected to the world.

Study Spanish for pleasure

If is one of your hobbies, do not miss the chance: study Spanish for pleasure! And your pleasure will become work and the job you’re passionate about is not work. Enjoy this amazing experience with us.

At El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school teachers will help you study Spanish in an entertaining and fun way. Our teachers will make your experience more enjoyable by using interactive teaching methodologies, engaging students in outside and social activities and a lot of common Spanish words that we Spaniards use every day. Books in Spanish will be used for an expanding vocabulary and better reading.

In addition, speaking more than one, will make you live more than one life! Besides being a pleasure, has also positive effects on your brain and personal development.

When you study Spanish you also get familiar with cultures, traditions and lifestyle, it Is not just about studying spanish words but being involved in the Spanish community and understanding everything about it.In fact, mastering them will also give you the chance to read famous masterworks by writers in original language, thus appreciating them thoroughly.

In the same way, you will be able to watch Spanish movies and enjoy them fully catching all the nuances and getting a more extensive understating of them. Do you want to plunge into the poetic Cervantes’ world or Garcia Marquez’s magical realism? If you do, start study Spanish! You will have great time broadening your linguistic and cultural horizons!

Study Spanish for travelling

In the 21ts century travelling has turned into a lifestyle. Visiting a new country is always an enriching experience, whatever the reason you travel for is. So, the first thing we do when we want to travel is to take books in Spanish (dictionaries) and look at the most common Spanish words to say in the country to which you travel.

Speaking Spanish is a great help when it comes with getting to know Spanish-speaking countries or places where big Hispanic communities live. Mastering them will help you communicate with local people, finding out practical information and immerse yourself in local cultures.

Also, will lead you to make friends with people from all over the world and explore typical places, by turning your journey in an authentic growing experience both personal and cultural and always meeting new travel friends.

Our Spanish school team is also fond of travelling. We believe that travelling is an exciting experience that opens up people’s minds to a broader view of the world. And that’s why we know that knowing the words in Spanish is important even for those travellers who are passing through.

For this reason, we provide people from all over the world with the unique experience to study Spanish in Valencia. We also guide them to get a deeper understanding of local habits and traditions by taking part in cultural events and festivals.

Study Spanish for a job

If your goal is working abroad and pursuing an international career, you can study Spanish to upgrade your job opportunities. Knowing it, will make you a very valuable candidate for jobs that require a mastery of this abroad, being the first chosen for that job.

In fact, these skills will open doors to a wider range of jobs and even better positions for all job-seekers, apart from new communicative skills and new experience. Because the job market is getting more and more global, mastering Spanish has turned into a key requirement for employers. The ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients and partners brings an added value to businesses and help strengthen work relationships inside and outside the companies.

Furthermore, if you already working in a multicultural environment where our language is used a lot, you will be able to foster personal and professional relationships with your colleagues thus improving team work.

Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem can also provide you with personalized lessons where you can study specific Spanish words related to your job sector, using books in Spanish or through a real practice. We focus on what you need.

Study Spanish for studies

Spain is one of the favourite destinations for students in Europe; that’s why many young people study Spanish for studies. Nowadays there are more and more people who choose to study in Spain for many reasons.

If you are planning to pursue your studies in Spain, the first step to take is to come to Valencia, enroll in our school and get all the knowledge needed for studying in Spanish.

Study Spanish in Spain has many advantages:

1 The first is that Spain is not an expensive country compared to other European countries but has a good quality higher-education and university offer. In fact, Spain has more than 50 public universities where prices are 2-3 times more accessible than in other European countries.

2 The second is that Spanish universities offer a wide range high-quality provisions in all subject areas. Spain applies the Bologna Plan so that the diploma issued by Spanish educational institutions are recognized throughout Europe.

3 And finally, you know, reading books in Spanish is a good practice, because it involves reflection. Don’t miss that opportunity to be immersed in the Spanish culture.

Study Spanish for business

If you run your own business, our Spanish School will help you study Spanish to make it more successful! Spanish-speaking countries are a key market that every business is longing to reach out to. That’s one of the important reasons why students come to our school, because they don’t want to miss that opportunity.

If you want to market Hispanic countries, study Spanish is a good step to take in order to set up fruitful business relations, because you’ll get more collaboration by opening up to a very international market.

When you study Spanish for business, your business vocabulary and specific expressions will expand to bring you closer to your customers and establish collaboration with foreign partners.

Hence, if you want to enhance the internationalization of your business, you have to study Spanish and that will be the right choice to make for both you and your employees. You will be able to negotiate and close deals but also to properly relate to people from other cultures and different backgrounds.

How to study Spanish – The best way

How to study Spanish? The best way to do it, is studying Spanish words; immerse yourself in the country of origin and chosen city and live the moment of everything around us.  It is not based on reading and writing as a method of study, is it based on the environment, on listening and on the way to understand and be able to create our own pharses , but where, how and with whom?

Study Spanish in Valencia

Study Spanish in Valencia is a good way to improve or study your Spanish. We need to feel comfortable in the city we are and Valencia has everything we need: it is a nice place to live, it has interesting monuments to visit and its weather is great! Only with that you can start to know the specific Spanish words of monuments and wheather.

Thanks to these 3 elements, if you choose to study Spanish in Valencia you will be a more proactive student than you would be in another city. In Valencia there are many people from other countries who came to Valencia for many reasons, but all of them have something in common: they went back to their countries speaking good Spanish and knowing a lot of Spanish words. Come and enjoy Valencia!

Study Spanish with us

If you study Spanish with us, your skills will improve quickly. Why? because we use a unique method. We use several techniques to help students by having fun and knowing from the beginning of the course the Spanish words to be able to communicate as soon as possible in a correct way. Our school is located in the hearth of Valencia and people come to study Spanish with us for many reasons:

  1. Our Spanish school is located in Valencia city centre.
  2. They get to know our school thought our students’ reviews.
  3. When they come to study Spanish with us, students realize that the school has very professional and good teachers and they feel like a family.
  4. We start communicating with them with Spanish words, so that they will gain confidence and start speaking Spanish from the first moment.
  5. When students finish studying Spanish in our Spanish school, they have reached all their goals.

Study Spanish today

Study Spanish today?Of course! If you do not know yet whether you want to take a class with us, we invite you to enjoy our outdoor activities. In this way you will see how fast and fun is to study spanish words at our school.

In conclusion, we offer different types of courses, so that you can study Spanish in the most suitableand flexibily way for you. Your goal is our goal. Starting a new course your skills will improve and you will be able to open up a range of options to be able to choose; studies, business, jobs etc. Do not hesitate to contact us and start a new life.


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