Photo Conversation Course

This course is tailored to the needs of all arts and photography lovers. These lessons are the best option for those who want to increase their Spanish level and, at the same time, to get familiar with Reflex photography. Students will learn to use all the camera settings, new photo techniques and photo editing programs, etc. Except for beginners (A1), students of any Spanish level will have the possibility to add photo conversation lessons to their Intensive, Standard, Experience or Part-time course

Number of hours

20 hours a week

Course duration

1 week – 1 year

Number of students

1 to 8 per class

Teaching materials

Included in the price






B1 – C2



Development of the Spanish courses

Groups of this Spanish course are composed of a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 8 people. We provide a totally personalized and unique outdoor learning experience. This lessons are the best option for those who want to increase Spanish language skills, to improve the vocabulary, to discuss about several topics and bring out their creative side by visiting the most beautiful places of the city. All the activities will be adjusted to any level.

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