El Rincón del Tándem

Spanish School

Learning languages ​​in a different way

El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school at Valencia, was born from the idea of having a more personalized Spanish school, aimed both at those looking to have their contact with the language or improve their previous knowledge. We want to help our students, not only learning Spanish, but also Spanish culture. Because learning Spanish is more than just studying Spanish. It is a way of life that we want our students to learn.

The philosophy of this project is to offer our students the maximum personalized attention, as well as to support and help them during their stay.

We seek to be an academy without walls, that teaches Spanish as comfortable as possible in a Spanish city. For that reason, the classes can be realized in a park, cafeteria, on a walk through the city, in the office. This is our point of distinction with respect to a typical language academy.

We believe that to achieve a faster and more useful learning experience, it is necessary to apply your new learned knowledge in real situations, hence our classes are often held outside. We understand that for a more effective education it is necessary to have contact with the local people.

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Our facilities

El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school is located 10 minutes walking distance from Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia city centre, and offers the best services to learn Spanish. The size of our Spanish school allows us to be more flexible and responsive to the individual needs of our students. The groups are much smaller than in most schools, which boosts closeness and good relations with the students.

The school has the following services and spaces:

Reception and teacher area

At our secretary’s office we are always available to help our students search for an accommodation, file documents and to give useful advices. Likewise, teachers and especially the head teacher are always available to answer students’ doubts and questions which concerns the good running of the classes and/or the school.

Services and Wi-Fi

El Rincón del Tándem is equipped with computers that, in certain cases, can be used by students to check their email, to call via Skype or to chat via Messenger. If students prefer to work with their own computer, they can use for free the school’s wireless for Internet access at any time during the school opening hours.

Four classroom

Where lessons are delivered, all of them equipped with a blackboard, teaching materials and screens with HDMI connector that allows the smooth running of the classes. Each classroom is bright and welcoming thanks to their big windows. Two classrooms have a central table with chairs, while the other two are equipped with shovel-type chairs.

The Common Room

which can also be used as an extra classroom in special cases, works as the school living space due to its dimensions and characteristics. It has sofas, table and a bookcase with many books, DVDs and board games which are used to consolidate Spanish knowledge and vocabulary.