Part Time Spanish Course

This course consists of a more limited number of hours and is suitable for people that want to attend at least 3 Spanish lessons per week, thus combining them with part-time jobs or other studies. This course takes place 3 times per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Students will learn Spanish grammar according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR); the learning process comprises writing, listening and speaking exercises. The objective of the classes will be enhancing the four language skills: writing, speaking, reading and listening. Students will learn grammar and vocabulary in an enjoyable way, through activities adapted to all levels.

Number of hours

6 hours or 9 hours per week

Course duration

1 week – 1 year

Number of students

4 to 8 per class

Teaching materials

Included in the price






A2 – C2



Development of the Spanish classes

The groups of this course are composed of a maximum of 8 people. The small size of the groups allows teachers to answer questions individually and students to practice more new words and all that they have learnt in the classroom. The environment is friendly and welcoming so that students feel at ease speaking Spanish from the very beginning.

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