Spanish cinema is very varied and has many brilliant people. Today we are going to tell you about one of the most famous Spanish directors, Alejandro Amenábar. This director is a modern representative of Spanish culture. Watching his films will help you study Spanish and learn more about modern Spanish cinema.

Alejandro Amenábar is a film director of the Chilean-Spanish nationality. He was born in Chile but when he was one year old his family moved to Spain. He is winner of 9 Goya Awards and 1 Oscar. Alejandro Amenábar’s films constantly surprise the public with their depth and open debates on some very controversial topics. Therefore, he is a very important person in the Spanish culture.
Then we are going to tell you about the 4 most important films of the director.


Thesis (Tesis)

It is a 1996 thriller that made Alejandro Amenábar famous and brought him multiple awards. The film begins with Angela, student of Image, is preparing a thesis on audiovisual violence. The director of his thesis promises to look for a material in the library for her. But the next day they find him dead. Angela meets 2 strange guys and each time she is caught in a world of gore and snuff movie.


Open your eyes (Abre los ojos)

It is the original and Spanish version of an American movie “Vanilla Sky”. In both films Penelope Cruz plays the same character. At the beginning of the film we meet Cesar, a rich and handsome boy but a womanizer. However in the party of his birthday falls in love with the companion of his best friend. César’s former lover becomes jealous and causes a car accident with her and Cesar. She is killed and he is left with a completely shattered face. From that moment the life of Cesar becomes a nightmare, when you can not distinguish the dream from reality.


The others (Los otros)

The main role of this film has played Nicole Kidman. Set in 1945, the film presents Grace waiting for the return of her thick since the war. Grace is very religious who lives apart from the world with her two children. Both children suffer from a strange illness and can not stand the light. One day Grace hires new servants and from there begin to pass some mysterious and supernatural things in the house.


The Sea inside (Mar adentro)

This film is based on the real story of Ramón Sampedro, who remains quadriplegic after a terrible accident in his youth. He has been trapped for almost 30 years without being able to move in bed. Therefore, his only wish is to die by applying euthanasia. During 2 hours we continue with Ramón in his fight so that the law recognizes his right to die. It should be noted that “Sea in” has been the winner of the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film.

We hope you find our recommendations interesting. Watching movies in Spanish will be a perfect complement to your Spanish courses at our school. Soon we will publish more articles to help you study Spanish.

Happy Monday from Valencia!