A1 Level

Introduce yourself and meet other people
Describe people, objects, places, situations or the weather.
Express your tastes and hobbies.
Talk about your plans and obligations.

A2 Level

· Describe and narrate experiences and facts in the past.
· Instructs how something is done.
· Use courtesy and advice.
· Talk about the future.


· Talk about experiences, anecdotes, stories and stories from the past.
· Express your desires and feelings.
· Make hypotheses.
· Comment and justify your opinions.

B2 Level

· Participates in discussions.
· Reproduce words that others have said.
· Expresses conditions that may or may not occur in reality.
· Deepens the explanation of tastes, descriptions, personal experiences.


· Express yourself with flexibility, spontaneity and effectiveness in social, academic or professional contexts.
· Make jokes and use double entender or irony.
· Be able to understand a wide variety of speeches: literary texts, films, specialized articles, television, etc.
· Produces a clear, fluid and well-structured speech with a controlled use of organizational structures, connectors and cohesion mechanisms.

C2 Level

· Take part in any conversation or debate effortlessly.
· Be able to undertand easily and virtually everything you hear or read.
· Use idioms, phrases and colloquial expressions.
· Express yourself fluently and accurately convey nuances.
· Learn to circumvent communicative problems with discretion.