Do you spend a lot of time at home during these holidays and do not know what to see? Then, take a look at our top-3 of the best Spanish series of 2018.

At the request of several of our Spanish students, today our blog deals with Spanish cinema and Spanish series. In previous blogs we have already talked about historical series and humor series. So, today we make a summary with the best Spanish series of 2018.


The name “fariña” comes from the Galician word “harina” which colloquially means cocaine. This series set in the 80s tells the story of some tobacco dealers in Galicia. Due to the terrible poverty of their people, men begin to traffic in tobacco, and later with cocaine. The series is based on Nacho Carretera’s book of the same name and you can watch it online on Antena3 or on Netflix.


The new Spanish series of the popular streaming-video platform Netflix beats this year’s records. It tells the story of 3 young people from a poor neighborhood who got scholarships at a prestigious institute. Their new teammates do all kinds of bulling and humiliation, and each of the characters has their own secrets. To make matters worse, a murder takes place and the police try to discover the perpetrator of the crime.

The cathedral of the sea

It is a historical series based on the book of the same name by Idelfonso Falcons, available on Netflix and Antena3. The plot takes place in Barcelona in the fourteenth century. In the city, the church of Santa María del Mar is being built and a servant, Arnau, arrives to work on the works. He begins to work hard to become a free man, something that provokes the disdain of the nobility and the suspicions of the Inquisition.

We hope you liked our suggestions to learn Spanish by watching series. Soon our Spanish school El Rincón Del Tándem will publish more post about Spanish culture and the best ways to study Spanish.

Meanwhile, we wish you a Happy New Year!