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DELE diploma is internationally recognized and is managed by the Instituto Cervantes. Universities and companies often request Spanish competency and proficiency to be officially certified through DELE exam. El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school has extensive experience in the preparation for the DELE exam and has helped its students achieve very good results. The preparation course is addressed to those students that want to prepare themselves for any level of the DELE exam: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Official information DELE exam

Number of hours

15 hours a week

Course duration

4 weeks

Number of students

4 to 10 per class

Course Programme



morning or evening




A1 – C2



DELE Spanish course

DELE is what you would probably need when applying to universities or enrolling in a master in Spain. Furthermore, many employers in both public and private sectors usually ask their candidates to prove their proficiency by submitting an official certificate.

Getting DELE it will open doors in all Spanish-speaking countries and increase your employability inside and outside your country. If you want to make the most of your knowledge by getting an official diploma, this Spanish course is the best choice! In fact, the main object of is making you acquire all the knowledge and skills you need for getting your DELE.

Therefore, all the contents provided are the ones you need to pass the DELE exam and achieve proficiency in a specific level. Besides, during this Spanish course you will acquire and improve all the skills: speaking and listening, writing and reading.

When you are preparing for DELE exam Spanish will be explained in all its aspects by our passionate teachers!. They are really professionals in the master’s degree of Spanish study and that is why the students who show up to DELE, the vast majority get a great result.


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How do I prepare for DELE A2?

If you are wondering how you can prepare for DELE A2, follow this steps to pass the DELE exam Spanish:

  • Take a Spanish course with us! We have an extensive experience helping our students obtain great results at DELE exam.
  • Will make you get familiar with DELE A2 structure through specific books and methods (different parts of the test, specific activities). DELE A2 will turn into an easy goal to achieve!
  • In this spanish course during your preparation for DELE, you will practice as if you were taking the actual exam.
  • Doing this, you will acquire all the skills you need to obtain the DELE A2.

At our Spanish School, teachers will guide you through the preparatory process for passing the DELE exam Spanish; but also will make you lose the fear of writing and speaking Spanish. Are you asking yourself: how? The same way they do in all our Spanish courses. That is, by implementing dynamic and interactive teaching methodologies that makes your process easy, smooth and enjoyable.

For instance, if you want to apply for a job position that requires at least a “A2 level”, you will specifically prepare for DELE A2 examination. That means that you will know about all the grammar topics and develop all the competences that are necessary to obtain a certificate.Our school offers courses for all levels – DELE, from A1 to C2. If you want to apply to one of our universities or becoming the perfect candidate for your dream job, this is the Spanish course that best suits your needs!

Are you ready to undertake a fun journey of preparation towards DELE A2? If so, you will realize that when studying for DELE exam Spanish will not be a tough challenge for you anymore! Yo will get all the tips to be able to get it in the easiest and most fun way.

Cervantes DELE Exam

DELE exam Spanish is organized by the Instituto Cervantes in all the accredited centres in Spain and in more than 100 countries. All the information about registration, deadlines, fees, centres and DELE Cervantes dates are published on the Instituto Cervantes’ website.

For instance, if you are preparing for a A2 level and want to get an official recognition of your competence, you can check all the deadlines for DELE A2 by selecting your country and city. You will also get information about the parts that the several exams are made up of. Let’s take a look at the main parts of DELE exam Spanish here below.

Parts of DELE exam:

  1. First: Reading Comprehension
  2. Second: Listening Comprehension
  3. Third: Written Expression and Interaction
  4. Fourth: Oral Expression and Interaction

Those who pass DELE exam are able to understand phrases and expressions that are commonly used in Spanish, particularly in those situations and contexts that are relevant to them. For instance, if you know how to communicate and describe in simple terms situations and actions that happened in the past or to talk about your current needs, your level is DELE A2.

If you are able to speak about present and past facts and have a basic conversation with someone, do not miss the chance to get an official certificate – DELE A2! We help you to get it. Yo will be able to choose the days you would like to come to class, as our policy is based on a flexible schedule.

Being competent does not necessarily entails being prepared to successfully pass an examination. That is why our Spanish course – DELE is focused on developing specific and level-related competences and helping students get familiar with the format and development of the test.

Furthermore, teachers who deliver this Spanish course use specific books for the preparation and other useful resources. So, the only way to overcame fears and feel confident when it comes with exams (DELE) is getting the best preparation possible. It’s not just a preparation, it’s also a new opportunity to work abroad!

While getting ready for DELE exam Spanish will still be enjoyable and fun as always. Let’s get ready for DELE by attending our Spanish course!. Exams, serious follow up by the teacher and focus just in what you want. We focus on real activities to make the student understand how this situation might be resolved in a existing environment.

When you prepare for DELE exam Spanish will be taught practically and in a fun way as usual at El Rincón del Tándem Spanish School, focusing on your goals and the time you spend with us. Get in contact with us to know more about this Spanish course! The best one if you want to get the certificate and start getting that purpose for which you started studying Spanish with us.

How many DELE levels are there?

If you are interested in passing the test – DELE, you will need to know that there are different levels:

  • Level A1 – DELE: enables students to access the Spanish world, improves their skills, and provides them with the confidence to continue studying to reach more advanced levels. This diploma certifies that the student is able to communicate in a basic way in situations having to do with immediate needs or everyday situations. If you are in this position, check out our Standard course to feel more confident and be able to take a perfect exam.
  • Level A2 – (DELE A2): You are able to understand, realize and use frequently used expressions and exchanges on familiar or common aspects that are almost always related to areas of experience that are especially relevant to you because of their immediacy. DELE A2 officially proves that you have acquired all the competences mentioned above.
  • Level B1 –Those who get this DELE, are able to understand the main points of clear texts whenever they deal with issues that are known to them, whether in work or leisure situations. And you can prepare it at our Spanish school.
  • Level B2 –This DELE exam tests the capacity to understand the essentials of complex oral and written texts and to create clear and detailed texts on diverse issues, including those involving dialectical analysis, debate or argue of a point of view. DELE at this level also certifies the ability to deal with most situations that occur while travelling in areas where Spanish is spoken.
  • Level C1 – This DELE recognizes the capacity to express oneself fluently, without any difficulties, to use it correctly, effectively and with no effort, producing complex texts by using organizational and cohesion mechanism to shape them.
  • Level C2 –Mastery: During this DELE exam, students have to prove their ability with great fluency and complexity, to adapt to any context reaching a high level of grammatical and semantically precision. After passing this DELE exam Spanish will not have any secrets for you!

In conclusion, when you get a DELE A2 or any other DELE, you are ready to take advantage to all the opportunities to work, travel and develop your own business in Spanish-speaking countries. Do not miss the opportunity to get a good preparation taking this Spanish course at El Rincón de Tándem, thus achieving your purpose of speaking Spanish fluently and correctly. Lastly, when you are preparing for DELE exam Spanish will be fun and easy to prepare at our Spanish school!




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