El Rincón del Tandem Spanish School Method

Cervantes Institute Rules

At El Rincón del Tándem we are governed by the guidelines established by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Our school performs a pre-test of level to introduce the student within a group with the same skills in the reading comprehension, auditory, expression and written interaction.


The methodology that we use has a clear scheme, being the practice of the knowledge in real situations, the point of distinction with respect to other academies of Spanish. After a previous study and practice in the classroom, the student will face daily situations with local people who will help them to realize the difference of accents, expressions and vocabulary that can be found in the same city.

Teaching materials

The materials have been written by our professors, all of them graduated and have great experiences in the field of the teaching of Spanish. In addition to our own manuals, we use books with the Cervantes label for DELE teaching, computer programs, videos, apps … Adapting teaching to new technologies that will help us to become more familiar with the language.

Our Mission and Vision

As a Spanish language school in Valencia, our objective is to spread the language, culture and traditions of Spain and Latin America. Learning Spanish is not only to internalize the formal aspects of the language, but to understand the whole of Spanish culture and traditions.

As ambassadors of the language and culture we advocate that our students achieve, in addition to academic objectives, to become cultured, sociable and, in a certain way, to be part of our little family. We want each student to feel that he or she is supported by us and to value the human aspect, feeling that we are their link in Spain.

The song says that “when a friend leaves, something is lost in the soul” and this is something that happens to us with our students. Many times it is part of our daily life and seeing them leave, besides being proud of what they have learned, is also a melancholy farewell.

This closeness is one of the most valued aspects of our school, as well as the quality of teaching and treatment. From our educational vision, the student is the center of the formative activity and we understand that it is our obligation to take care of him in its pedagogical, social and affective dimension. In this sense, we try that all our formative vision is centered on 4 pillars:

  • Quality: Guaranteeing excellence both inside and outside the classroom. The teaching staff with years of experience are our best ambassadors. They, together with the school’s management, are the motivating force behind the highest quality in treatment, attention and teaching.
  • Passion: If you are passionate about learning, you will never stop growing. A growth that we see every day in the teaching team and in the students. Passion leads to motivation, and this permeates every corner of the school.
  • Proximity: As we have already mentioned, we always seek to be accessible to our students, making them part of our corporate philosophy and creating bonds with them.

Teamwork: As a family business, we understand that teamwork is an important part of our values. This aspect results in productivity and makes the teaching staff feel valued and a part of our company. By listening to their suggestions and creating a close working environment, we all contribute, learn and grow together.