Intensive Spanish Course

This course is ideal for those students that look for a more intense language immersion. El Rincón del Tándem offers an Intensive course of 20 hours per week, consisting of 3 hours of general Spanish and 1 hour of Hispanic culture. During the course, students will develop both linguistic and cultural skills, getting a more fulfilling experience. Lessons are designed to reach the main objective: improving communicative ad writing skills and appreciating aspects of the culture, like art, cinema, fashion, etc. If you have little time, and you want to learn Spanish in an intensive and fast way, this intensive Spanish course is the answer to your needs.

Number of hours

20 hours a week

Course duration

1 week – 1 year

Number of students

4 to 10 per class

Course programme



morning or evening




A1 – C2



With this intensive Spanish course you will be able to communicate and speak Spanish in a short time. You will reach level A1 in three weeks, according to the Instituto Cervantes teaching content and with the support and passion of our teachers. As with our other courses, this Spanish course is compatible with other teaching programmes at El Rincón del Tándem Spanish language school. If you want to continue learning Spanish, after finishing the Intensive Spanish course you can link up with another Spanish course and continue your learning at our Spanish language school.

This course is one of the most popular courses at our school for those students who are interested in obtaining a visa to live in Spain and enjoy life in Valencia. In addition to the visa, many tourists and workers who come to Valencia to work, choose this Spanish course to learn what they need to do their jobs.

The classes are designed to achieve one main objective: to improve communication and writing skills and to appreciate aspects of the culture such as art, cinema, dress and songs. If you want to achieve your goals quickly, focusing your study on your needs, this intensive Spanish course will provide you with the necessary tools to get by in Spain and communicate efficiently.


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