Do you know Spain well? Sure in this post about a new nice fact about Spain you will find something you did not know before

Today in our blog we want to tell you some new nice facts about Spain. For example, do you know what the typical greeting is like among the Spaniards?


The Spanish population is very open-hearted. They also greet each other friendly. Spanish men shake hands when they meet on street. It is also a custom that people give each other two kisses. Moreover, it is often the case that new colleagues welcome you with a kiss in your new job. Bienvenidos in Spain!


Spanish food is very tasty, because Spain has a very diverse kitchen. In different regions you will encounter other specialties and delicacies. Valencia is famous by the Paella, Fideuà, All-i-pebre, Arroz a banda, Tapas, Esgarret, Buñuelos, Horchata with Fartons and Turrón. There are many restaurants where you can enjoy this delicious food. Often the food is served with delicious Spanish wines, these are well advised. Most Spaniards are very hospitable. They often engage in conversation with strange people, for example at the bus stop. They also invite people to have a bite or drink.

3. ART

The art of Spain went along for centuries in Western European style developments. During the style period of the baroque Diego Velázquez was the most prominent Spanish artist. Francisco Goya became just as famous, but then in his time. He worked in the style of the Rococo, but the most of his work is counted among the romance. In the period of modern art, Spain produced its greatest artists. Like Picasso, the leader of innovative cubism. Joan Miró and Salvador Dali, the two key figures within surrealism.


In Spain there are many public holidays during the year, both national, regional and provincial. There are also typical town and village festivals. One of the biggest agenda items for this year is the marathon next weekend. What typically Spanish is, is that there are different traditions at each party. Our Spanish school will also celebrate this fun.


Spaniards are rightly very proud of their culture, country, region and language. That is also possible with the delicious food, great art and so on. So be careful with what you say to a Spaniard about their country, because they often don’t like negative statements about their country. But say by yourself, there is not a lot of negative things to say either?

We hope this post seemed interesting to you. In our blog we tell you the most interesting about the Spanish language and Valencia. So, this Wednesday we will talk about Spanish grammar.

Happy Monday!