In the previous blog we tell you about the best plans in Valencia for this December and today we continue with a mandatory item in Spain during Christmas, the nativity scene. Next we are going to tell you about nativity scenes in Valencia and their history.

One of the most exciting events of Christmas in Valencia is the contest of nativity scenes organized annually by the City Council. Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem together with the students will visit them and we recommend you to do the same;) Surely you will like to want to have one at home;)

Nativity scene story

A nativity scene is a construction of the plastic representation of the birth of Jesus Christ. Also, to refer to a nativity scene you can use such words as manger scene, crib, crèche. The first Nativity scene took place in Italy in 1223, when a deacon wanted to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve. This nativity was so exciting, that over the years it was expanding throughout Europe, being first a luxury of the nobility and becoming a common element in each house. However, to Spain the art of Hellenism became really famous in the 17th century thanks to King Carolos III. That happened when the king ordered to plant a nativity scene with the figures brought from Italy in the Royal Palace of Madrid. The nativity scene got the name of “Belén del Príncipe”.

The best nativity scenes in Valencia

Crib in the Glass Hall of the City Hall of Valencia

If you are going to make a route through nativity scenes in Valencia, you can not miss the nativity scene of the City Hall. It is located in the Crystal Hall and is open to the public from December 5 to January 4.

Manger scene at the Mercado de Colón

This nativity scene is in the center of Valencia within the market and the time of your visit corresponds to the opening hours of the market.

Nativity scene in plaza de la Reina

It is one of the largest cribs in the city of Valencia and is made in life size. You can visit this nativity scene in the open air from December 5 to January 7.

Neapolitan crib at the National Museum of Ceramics

You can visit this ancient nativity scene of the 18th century in the Ceramic Museum from December 8 to January 2.

Nativity scene in New Center Valencia

Next to the shopping center the New Center is a gigantic nativity scene created by the Association of Nativity Scene of Valencia. You can enjoy the magic of its animated figures accompanied by a traditional Christmas carol from November 16 to January 5.

We hope you liked our blog and that you have known something new about Spanish culture. Soon we will publish more articles that help you to know the Hispanic culture and learn Spanish. And if you have decided to spend this Christmas or come to Valencia in winter, remember that we have a special offer for courses booked before January 6;)