The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican celebration that honors the dead. Being a different holiday from All Saints’ Day, it coincides with this in its meaning.

Our blog today we dedicate to the next holiday November 1 which is the Day of the Dead. In Spanish culture this day coincides with the celebration of All Saints’ Day.

Also, many people often confuse these holidays with Halloween whose official name in Spain is the Eve of All Saints. In the same way, Halloween is known as Halloween or Night of the Dead. It is celebrated internationally and everyone usually dresses up and have fun with their friends. Also, if you want to go out in Valencia during the night of Halloween, at the end of this post we propose a plan;)

Of course, in this post we propose 3 cartoons about the Day of the Dead. We advise you to see them in the original version that will help you learn Spanish.



This cartoon of the joint production of “Pixar” and “Disney” has been a success in 2018. Its main character is Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who lives with his family in a town in Mexico. Miguel dreams of being a singer but the music in his family is forbidden due to an ancient history of his ancestors. During the celebration of the Day of the Dead Miguel decides to put himself before his family and participate in a musical contest. By mistake, he gets stuck in the world of the dead. There he finds new friends, deceased ancestors and his idol, musician Ernesto de la Cruz.

Seeing this wonderful cartoon, you can learn more about the broad Hispanic culture. You will get closer to the Mexican traditions and enjoy their beautiful rancheras. Thus, seeing “Coco” in Spanish, you can practice different accents of Spanish. What do you think of the differences?


The book of life

This beautiful cartoon has produced famous director Gillermo del Toro. The subject of the film is very similar to that of the “Coco”. Tell the adventures of Manolo, a young bullfighter must decide between fulfilling the expectations of his family or continue with his vocation to music. As the FilmAffinity page counts, this musical won several awards and was highly praised by critics.


The legend of nahuala

This cartoon produced in Mexico became number one at the box office and was very well received in their country of origin. Thanks to its great success, had 4 sequels and Netflix issued a series related to this film.

The main character is a boy who lives with his older brother and grandmother. Leo is very afraid of the legend about a witch named Nahuala who kidnaps souls of bad children. Of course, one night the witch kidnaps Leo’s brother and the boy begins his journey to rescue him. Accompanied by his grandmother on the trip, Leo finds himself allied with such characters as a ghost in armor or sugar skulls.


Remember, that next October 31 we celebrate Halloween at our Spanish school in Valencia. Music, drinks with tapas and lots of fun await you. In addition, we will do the contest for the best costume;) We meet at 8.30 pm at the school.

We wait for you!