Russafa Escènica is the performing arts festival of the Ruzafa neighbourhood that is held annually. It is about to start, so if you want to keep track of what is happening do not miss the blog of our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem 😉

Today we dedicate our blog to Russafa Escènica . A performing arts festival in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, that this year celebrates its 9th edition.

From September 19th to October 6th, public and private spaces in the neighbourhood will open their doors to the public and host multifaceted artistic proposals.

The first edition of the Festival dates back to 2011, when its promoters decided to apply the Russafart model to the performing arts in order to revive and enrich the cultural offer of Valencia.

In addition, as its motto “we make a neighbourhood, we make a city” well explains, this initiative also promotes interaction and social cohesion, creating collaboration networks inside and outside the neighbourhood.

Besides that, it aims at facilitating meetings between people and encouraging reflection on key issues through art …

Since its inception, the Festival turned into a good practice, as it proposes an innovative and dynamic model that has subsequently been multiplied in other cultural initiatives in the city.

But what makes this Festival so special?

Firstly, take the theatre outside the conventional halls. In fact, throughout its eight editions, very diverse spaces have been receiving artistic proposals. Among them, bookstores, hairdressers, clothing stores, coffee shops, etc.

This year, for example, we can enjoy the theatre in the warm and colourful local El Mundo 26, in the Kintsugi florist or in the associative and collective space Plataforma Per Russafa.

Secondly, the Festival proposes a varied artistic proposal with diverse shows, which are divided into:

• Viveros: scenic pieces of short duration (approx. 20-30 minutes)
• Bosques: scenic pieces of long duration (approx. 60 minutes)
• Invernaderos: Festival’s own productions (approx. 70 minutes)

Thirdly, Russafa Escènica extends outside the “borders” of the neighbourhood, in open spaces or arts centres. Interesting is the new proposal called Scenic Garden that offer 5-10 minute mini-pieces in a loop in all the spaces and corners of the Centre del Carmen.

Finally, the Festival helps us say goodbye to summer without sadness, welcoming a new cultural season in a big way.
In addition, we encourage all our students of the Spanish course to take advantage of this occasion, to learn more about the life of the neighbourhood, the spaces and the people who live here.

On this webpage you will find useful information about the program and the tickets.
Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem of Valencia will not miss it….

Are you going to join us? 😉

See you soon!