In Spanish language verbal periphrasis is a verbal construction made of two verbs. The first verb is conjugated while the second is expressed in its impersonal form, i.e. infinitive, gerund or participle.

In a previous post of our Spanish school blog, we have introduced the verbal periphrasis, explaining the ESTAR + gerund verbal construction. In this post we continue exploring this topic, analyzing the IR + A + infinitive and its functions.

IR A + infinitive is used to express an imminent action that is going to happen in the next future.
With present indicative tense of IR + A + infinitive we can talk or ask about a future action. This action expresses an obvious or logical consequence of something that is currently happening.

Structure of the periphrasis

Present indicative IR: voy/vas/va/vamos/vais/van + A + INFINITIVE


Se me ha estropeado la caldera. Voy a llamar al servicio técnico.
My boiler is not working. I am going to call the technical assistance.

No saltes encima de la cama. Te vas a caer
Don’t jump on the bed. You will fall down.

El cielo está lleno de nubes. Esta noche va a llover
The sky is full of clouds. Tonight it will rain.

Furthermore, this verbal periphrasis is also used to communicate about intentions, plans d and decisions and to ask about other people’s ones.


La semana que viene me voy de viaje a Irlanda
Next week I am going to Ireland

Vas a ir a cine el domingo que viene?
Are you going to the cinema next Sunday?

El año que viene me voy a casar
Next year I am going to get married

Besides, we can also use this construction in past form. With imperfect indicative tense of IR + A + infinitive, we can express the same message above mentioned, referring to a past situation or context.

Structure of the periphrasis

Imperfect indicative IR: iba/ibas/iba/íbamos/ibais/iban + A + INFINITIVE


Estaba claro que se iba a poner enferma. No llevaba abrigo.
It was clear that she was going to get sick. She didn’t wear her coat.

Había mucho tráfico. Iba a llegar tarde.
There was a lot of traffic. I was going to arrive late.

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