Today we talk about vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ruzafa. El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school will show you some of them in this short post ?

Recently, vegetarian and vegan food has been getting popular since more and more people have become aware about the importance of sustainable consumption. Animal abuse, respect for environment and healthy eating are some of the reason why people stop eating meat and animal products.

In this blog we suggest you to try vegan and vegetarian restaurants, located in Ruzafa. That is our favourite neighbourhood!

Enjoy your reading!

Jardín Urbano: Here you can find the best vegan hamburger of Valencia! If you are visiting Ruzafa, we suggest you to visit JARDÍN URBANO, open from morning to evening. Here you can have a vegan croissant and a tostada made of fresh and organic products for breakfast, eat tapas or have veggie dishes with a beer at dinner.

La Casa Viva: This restaurant is located in the heart of Ruzafa. It has a Mediterranean style and it is furnished with recycled chairs and tables. Here you will find a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, but also macrobiotic and raw vegan cuisine. All products are seasonal, fresh and organic. At Casa viva you can enjoy dishes such as lasagna, pizzas, salads and homemade desserts!

Café Madrigal: If you go for a walk in the Ruzafa Central Park, you should not miss the opportunity to try this great vegan cafeteria. You will be surprised by the many vegan options it offers. A rich breakfast with a good coffee with soy or almond milk and a toast is the best way to get energized! Open every day from 10 in the morning.

Copenhagen: the mission of this fantastic restaurant is to make vegetarian cuisine more appealing to people. The restaurant team works to promote the variety of the products of plant origin and the delicious and numerous recipes based on them. Copenaghen also offers a modern and architecturally avant-garde space in the Ruzafa neighbourhood.

Finally, we remind you that, due to the COVID-19 safety measures that are currently being implemented in Valencia, all bars and restaurants are temporarily closed for business. Although customers are not allowed to eat at bar and restaurants, some of them offer take-away and delivery service.

Therefore, we suggest you to check what restaurants are providing these services and the way to place an order.
We hope that our post on vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ruzafa will be useful and encourages you to enjoy this sustainable and tasty eating style.

Our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, wishes you a happy day!

¡Hasta pronto!