The three most interesting Spanish tapas are namely Esgarraet, Escalivada and Espencat. They might seem a tongue twister to people who are not familiar with them. However, when living in Valencia these words will be of daily use for you. Valencian people are crazy over these three Spanish tapas and they are easy to make. The interesting fact of these tapas is that once you know how to make one, you will automatically learn how to prepare the three of them. They only differ from one ingredient!

Let’s start from the esgarraet. This yummy Spanish tapa is made of steamed cod fish, grilled red pepper, black olives, and garlic. All dressed with olive oil and salt. For the variety of its ingredients, it is often considered a main in restaurants because it’s filling and proteic. The name originates from the technique used to prepare it. In English it means “pull apart using the fingers”. This is exactly what you have to do to cook this Spanish dish. You have to fry the cod fish and peppers in thin strips.

As you can imagine from the method of cooking, preparing this delicious tapa is very easy. Especially if you buy the pepper already stripped! So it’s a great option on a day when you don’t feel like cooking or if you have an invitation last minute. You can eat it as an aperitif with some tostadas or as a salad. You will impress everybody.

Not very different from the Esgarraet is the Escalivada. This is another typical food that comes from Valencia and Aragona. Red pepper, egg plant, onion, tomato, salt, olive oil and garlic are the main ingredients of the Escalivada. The name derives from the Catalan verb “escalibar” that means to ember roast. And finally, if we add the cod fish from the Escalivada we obtain the Espencat, that in other words is an Esgarraet with egg plants. As you can see these three Spanish tapas are interchangeable and whichever ingredient you want to add it will take a different name. Have a try and see which version you like the most!

The best place to taste them in Valencia is El Forcat.


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