Today we are going to talk about typical Spanish food you should try while enjoying The Fallas 2018. The Feast of Fire is not only about Fallas monuments and mascletà, it’s also about gastronomy and unique opportunities to try local delicacies.

Paella and other rice dishes

Where to try the best paella in Valencia? If you fancy one day trip to Albufera, visit a restaurant Casa Ángel in El Palmar. In case you plan to stay in Valencia, the best place to enjoy the paella is definitely in one of the restaurants at the Valencia beach. To get some ideas what other meals to try, read our article about traditional rice dishes in Valencia.

Churros and chocolate

During The Fallas you can find pop-up food tents offering churros at almost every corner in Valencia. There’s not only one kind of churros. Nowadays you can try churros dipped in chocolate, filled with cream, sparkled, glazed, you name it. In any case, be careful with the churros consumption and don’t get too excited. It might seem innocent but it’s a really heavy deep-fried food.

Have you heard of Valor? It’s a local chocolate brand from Alicante province with a long tradition. In Valencia you should visit Chocolatería Valor in Plaza de la Reina for a short chocolate break. Chocolate break or ‘chocolatada’ is another local thing. It’s an event when people get together to drink chocolate. These reunions are most common during The Fallas in the children’s Fallas committees.

Buñuelos de calabaza (pumpkin buñuelos)

Another deep-fried donut-like Spanish snack. Even though there are many varieties of buñuelos, pumpkin buñuelos are the traditional ones from Valencia. The most recommended places to try pumpkin buñuelos are Horchatería Fabián and Horchatería Santa Catalina.

Horchata (orxata) and fartons

Horchata is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink made from ‘chufa’ (tiger nuts or earth almonds) usually accompanied by ‘fartons’, a confectionery sweets, that are made to be dipped in ‘orxata’. You can taste horchata in numerous horchaterías around Valencia, but the most famous one, Horchatería Daniel, is in Alboraya.

What to drink

The Fallas are a great time to try ‘mistela’, local wine liquor. Order un chupito de mistela after your meal for better digestion.

Make the best out of The Fallas and practise your Spanish ordering food in restaurants and pop-up tents. If you don´t know how to order your food yet, sign up for our Spanish courses and start increasing your Spanish level today!