Today we are going to talk about the Spanish word: Vale. Surely you have heard it as an exclamation many times. Let’s learn more about this word with our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem 😊

How many times a day do you hear the Spanish word: vale? Surely, many times.

Vale is used as an interjection but also work as a verb or a noun with specific other meaning.
Today, we will learn together to use it properly, as a real Spanish native speaker.
Lest’ start!

1. ¡Vale! (interjection)

First of all, ¡Vale! is one of the most frequently used interjections in Spain. Spaniards uses it a lot to mean “ok!”, “right”, “good”, “fine”, “sure”.
You can use it to confirm or agree on something.

  • ¿Vamos al cine esta tarde? – ¡Vale! = Shall we go to the cinema this afternoon? – Fine!
  • Esta noche cocinas tú. ¿Vale? =You make dinner tonight. Ok?
  • ¿Puedo usar tu bolígrafo? – ¡Vale! = Can I use your pen? – Sure!

2. Vale (verb)

Vale is the 3rd person singular of the Spanish verb valer (present indicative tense).

– Meaning: to cost

  • Un kilo de cerezas vale 3 euros = One kilo of cherries costs 3 euros
  • ¿Cuánto vale este bolso? = How much is this bag?

– Meaning: to be equivalent to / to be worth

  • Esta carta vale 10 puntos = This card is equivalent to 10 points
  • Tu coche vale más que el mío = Your car is worth more than mine

– Meaning: be valid

  • Mi carnet de conducir no vale fuera de España = My driving license is not vali outside Spain

– Meaning: be useful

  • Esta lavadora es muy vieja pero todavía puede valer = This washing machine is old but can still be useful

3. Vale (noun)

Vale is also a noun and has more than one meaning. Let’s see the main ones:

Vale = Coupon/voucher

  • En el supermercado nos dieron un vale de descuento = They gave us a discount voucher at the supermarket

Vale = Receipt

  • No encuentro el vale del parking. ¿Lo tienes tú? = I cannot find the parking receipt. Do you have it?

We hope that this short article about the Spanish word: Vale helped you understand how to use it properly 😊

As always, we encourage you to make the most of your Spanish lessons and keep practicing the language inside and outside the classroom.

Finally, our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem in Valencia wishes you a nice day!

¡Hasta luego!