What do you say when something amazes you? If you cannot find the right words, take a look at our blog on Spanish words and idioms of surprise. Our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem helps you improve your speaking skills by providing useful inputs ?

Spanish words and idioms of surprise are interjections, mostly used in spoken language. They are used with exclamation marks, that must be places both before (inverted exclamation mark) and at the end of the word or phrase.

In our Spanish school, teachers focus a lot on spoken language, especially on teaching those expressions that are very typically Spanish or local.

Therefore, if you want to fully express yourself like a Spanish native speaker, do not miss the chance to make your Spanish sound more authentic by mastering Spanish words of surprise.
Let’s go there!

Firstly, Spanish words and phrase of surprise are many and change according to different Spanish speaking countries. Therefore, today we provide a list of the most commonly words of surprised that are used in Spain.

Secondly, we remind that the interjections below are used to express surprise in one of these situations:

  • When we are amazed by something (beyond any expectations)
  • We cannot believe something
  • We really love (sooo much) something
  • We are getting annoyed by something or someone


To express astonishment, surprise or displeasure.

  • ¡Vaya! Tu maleta es enorme! = Oh boy! Your suitcase is huge!
  • ¡Vaya! Tienes una voz expectácular = Wow! You have a spectacular voice!

¡Madre mía!

To express surprise, with positive or negative meaning.

  • ¡Madre mía! Anoche llovió a cantaro = Oh my! Last night it rained cats and dogs
  • ¡Madre mía qué bien te queda este vestido! = Oh my! You look so good in this dress!

¡No me digas!

Mostly used to say we cannot believe something.

  • Me olvidé las llaves dentro de casa. – ¡No me digas! = I forgot they keys inside the house. – No way!


It comes from the English word “Wow”.

  • Tu gata ha crecido muchísimo = Wow! Your cat has grown a lot!


This word can be use to express amazement but also annoyance. Let’ see the examples below.

1. ¡Caramba! = Wow! / Heavens! Good heavens!
¡Caramba! ¡Qué placer verte después de tantos años = Heavens! It is so nice to see you after so many years

2. ¡Caramba! = Damn it! / For crying out loud!
¡Caramba! Baja de una vez el volumen de la tele = Damn it! Turn down the volume on the TV already!


Like Caramba, it can be used to show amazement, astonishment or annoyance.

  • ¡Caray! Nunca he visto un museo tan grande = Wow! I have never seen such big museum
  • ¡Caray! No consigo encontrar mi móvil = Damn! I cannot find my phone

¡Dios mío!

We use it to say when we see or hear about something impossible to believe o to show our admiration towards something.

  • ¡Dios mío! Tu trabajo es excelente = Oh my God! Your work is excellent!


Spaniards say “ajá” to express satisfaction, surprise or to point out what other people did.

  • ¡Ajá! He descubierto donde escondes los caramelos = Aha! I found out where you hide the candies
  • ¡Ajá! Por fin he acabado el rompecabeza = I’ve finally finished the puzzle


This short simple interjection can be used to show surprise, when something occurs unexpectedly or annoys us.

  • ¡Uy! Casi se me cae la tarta al suelo = Oops! I almost dropped the cake on the floor

We hope that these Spanish words and phrases of surprise will help you improve your speaking skills and sound like a native ?

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