The Day of the Valencian Community is on the 9th of October. This is an important day in Valencia, as it honors the entry of King Jaime I in the city in 1238. This festivity has been introduced by the Aragon King Jaime II in the 14 century as the National day of Valencia.

On the first centennial of the celebration, on 9 October 1338, the governing body organized a memorial procession to ask Saint Denis the end of the famine that had been spreading for years in the kingdom of Valencia. All Valencian people were present at the event, except for the king Pedro “el ceremonioso” who couldn’t attend the celebration due to health issues. However, in order to replace his presence to the event, the authorities hung the Valencian flag from his palace. That year marked the ritual of this day that is still celebrated with a procession and the discent of the flag from the government building.

October 9 not only marks the Community Day of Valencia, but also the celebration of the Mocadorá. The Mocadorá is the lovers’ day in Valencia. The reason traces back to the history. According to the tradition, on this day men bring their lover and her mother a gift, a wet henky with sweets inside. The henky in Valencian is called mocador, giving the name to the festivity Mocadorá. The desserts inside the henky are fruit-shape marzipans in several colors in remembrance of the Valencian huerta (vegetable garden). For this reason still today Valencian consider this day as Valentine’s day, a romantic day for couples to celebrate their love.

The Day of the Valencian Community is deeply felt by locals, therefore, the bulk of stores are closed, except for some bakeries, and it’s a day off work to enjoy time with family.


If you’re in Valencia, have a look at the programme for the day and attend the events organized around the city!


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