Are you ready for the San Juan weekend? Do you know what to do in the next days? If the answer is no, we want to recommend you some events you cannot miss! Take a look at the post below 😉

As every Friday, our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem has selected some events so that its student can enjoy the San Juan weekend.

Therefore, let’s see what Valencia offer this weekend…

International Yoga Day

Saturday, 22nd. From 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Turia Park
Tickets: 12€

If you are passionate about yoga, you cannot miss this event! On this Saturday, we are going to celebrate the international yoga day with a peaceful and relaxing event led by the yoga teacher and coach Soraya Soler.

The event program foresees debates, yoga lessons and information points. All these activities will be delivered by the Sala de Estar women team that will talk about how they integrated yoga in their lives.

Finally, you can find more information on the website of the organizer.

Los Invaders + Doctor Lobo + A Silver Fox and Javi Gafotas DJ 

Saturday, 22nd. 10.30 pm.
Sala Wah Wah, Calle Campoamor 52 Valencia
Tickets: 8€

Wha Wha space will offer us a very special music and entertainment night. The following bands will perform:

– LOS INVADERS is a band from the suburbs of Saturn and settled in Valencia, because of its love for the Mediterranean sun. With a lot of energy, they play a very underground rock with vibrant electronic nuances. A kind of music they use to define ‘rock of the future’ or ‘space rock’.

DOCTOR LOBO was born in 2013 in Valencia and it is formed by Pablo Naharro (voice and guitar), Pedro Gimenez (drums) and Jose Moya (bass). The good reception of the 7 songs that make up their first work, lead them to be finalists of the contests Sona la Dipu and Vinilo Valencia.

– A SILVER FOX is a project by Salva Fito (Emma get wild) who, accompanied by Oscar and Raul Yuste and Francesco de Bello, will offers to the audience a pure and forceful 90’s grunge show.

– JAVI GAFOTAS is the director of the radio program “El Club de amigos del crimen” by Radio Klara. For the occasion he will prepare a unique and special session in which female voices and performers (mainly Valencian) will predominate, thus promoting women in music.

Cinema Jove Largometrajes: A firt farewell

Sunday, 23rd. From 11.30
La Filmoteca, Calle de Moratín, 12.
Tickets: 2€

Watching a movie with the presence of directors or cast actors is a kind of privilege. That allows us to better understand the movie, to know the idea behind and to ask questions.

This movie’s plot take place in the northwest of China, where, surrounded by by cotton fields and desert, there is the small town  uigur that Isa calls home. When she isn’t at school or isn’t working in the farm of the parents, Isa spends his time with her friends until the world force her to say goodbye to her little world.

Director: Lina Wang
Actors: Isa Yasan, Kalbinur Rahmati, Albinaz Rahmati, Moosa Yasan

Noche de San Juan 2019

Sunday, 23rd. From afternoon till 4am
Malvarrosa and Cabañal beaches
Outdoor free event

The Noche de San Juan 2019 is the night between the 23rd and 24th June and it officially welcomes summer.
This is the shortest night of the year and for this reason is to be lived intensively.

On this night, people light a bonfire near the sea and families and friends meet on the beach to eat together and have fun!
Besides, the tradition says to jump 7 sea waves at midnight as well as to jump the bonfires to ward off bad energies.

To conlude, we really hope this blog will be useful for you to make plans for this San Juan weekend 😉

From our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem in Valencia, we invite you to enjoy the next two days.

Finally, we encourage you to continue learning Spanish, getting to know the city better and immersing yourself in the Valencian social life.

Have a nice weekend!