Ojalá is a Spanish word that is used to express a wish. Today we explain how to use it properly, alone or a in a sentence. Take a look at this post and start to improve your Spanish skills with El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school 🙂

Ojalá is one of the Spanish words you will surely hear a lot from Spaniards. This word is said to derive from an Arabic expression meaning “God willing”.

In Spanish grammar, ojalá is an interjection; that is, a word that expresses sudden emotions or feelings. More specifically, Spanish people say “ojalá” when they really hope that something will happen (or not).

We can use this word as an exclamation or at the beginning of a sentence. In this last case, the verb that follows must be always in the Subjunctive mood.

¡Ojalá! = If only! / I hope so


– Creo que Pilar llegará puntual.
– ¡Ojalá!

– I think that Pilar will come on time
– Let’s hope so!

– Pablo dijo que podría llevarnos en coche al aeropuerto
– ¡Ojalá!

– Pablo said that he could take us to the airport by car
– I hope so!

Ojalá que = I wish/hope that


– Ojalá que pueda viajar a la India este verano = I wish I could travel to India this summer

– Ojalá deje de llover esta tarde = I hope it stops raining this afternoon

– Ojalá que Lucas apruebe el examen de historia = I hope that Lucas passes the history exam

– ¿Vendrás con nosotros al teatro esta noche?
– ¡Ojalá pueda!

– Will you come to theatre with us tonight?
– I wish I could

We hope this short explanation of the Spanish word ojalá has been helpful 🙂

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