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As for many Spanish words, ánimo has several meanings and it is used in expressions and phrases.

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Let’s learn all about ánimo!

MEANINGS of ánimo

1. Energy, strength, courage

  • Tienes que empezar el día con un buen desayuno y mucho ánimo = You have to start your day with a good breakfast and a lot of energy
  • Tengo que superar mis miedos con mucho ánimo = I have to overcome my fears with courage

2. Intention, intent

  • No lo hice con ánimo de ofenderte = I didn’t do it with the intention of offending you
  • Lucas vino con ánimo de criticar nuestro trabajo = Lucas came with the intent to criticise our work

3. Mood

  • Hoy Carlos tiene mejor ánimo = Today Carlos is in better spirits

-No tener ánimo (para) – not to be in the mood (for)

  • No tengo el ánimo para tus quejas = I am not in the mood for your complaints

– Estar con buen ánimo = to be in a good mood

  • Ana es una persona muy alegre, siempre está con buen ánimo = Ana is a cheerful person; she is always in a good mood

– Estar de mal ánimo = to be in a bad mood

  • Lucía está de mal ánimo. No ha saludado a nadie = Lucia is in a bad mood. She hasn’t said hello to anybody

4. Mind, thoughts

  • La idea de cancelar el viaje estaba presente en el ánimo de todos = The idea to cancel the trip was in everyone’s minds

IDIOMS with ánimo

– Estar de ánimo = to be in the mood to do something

  • Marcos no está de ánimo para salir de fiesta = Marcos is not in the mood to go to party

Caerse de ánimo – to lose hearth, get discouraged

  • Me caí de ánimo cuando me dijiste que no ibas a visitarme = I lost my hearth when you told me you would not come to visit me

Levantar o subir el ánimo – to cheer up, to raise one’s spirits

  • Tus palabras me levantaron el ánimo = Your words have raisen my spirits

– Hacerse el ánimo de = To bring oneself to

  • Marta no consigue hacerse el ánimo de hacer deporte tres veces a la semana = Marta can’t bring herself to do sport three times per week

– Estar or andar con el ánimo caído = to be downhearted

  • Alejandro anda con ánimo caído porque no ha aprobado el examen = Aejandro is downhearted because he hasn’t passed the exam

Apaciguar los ánimos = to calm things down

  • El discurso de la directora apaciguó los ánimos = The director’s speech calmed things down

Most common PHRASES with ánimo

Estado de ánimo = mood, state of mind
Presencia de ánimo = serentiy, calmness, presence of mind
Igualdad de ánimo = equity or calmness in both favourable and unfavourable circumstances
Fortaleza de ánimo = strenght of spirits
Sin/con ánimo de lucro = non/for profit


Interjections used in Spanish to give encourage to someone or cheer someone up:

  • ¡Ánimo! ¡Casi hemos llegado! = Come on! We are almost there
  • ¡Arriba el ánimo! ¡Junto lo conseguiremos! = Cheery up! We can do it together

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