September approaches but in Valencia we continue with the high summer temperatures, thank goodness that in our Spanish school we have air conditioning, otherwise we would melt.

As a solution against the heat, if you do not know what to do in Valencia during these days, we suggest a refreshing plan. To combat high temperatures, what can be better than a plan with cool water? Today we talk about the most romantic waterfall in the Valencian Community. Have you heard about the el Salto de la Novia (Jumping of the Bride)? Is one of the best ideas of what to do in Valencia in summer! In our Spanish course we always mention the attractions of the Valencian Community, and this can not be missing.

The Salto de la Novia is a waterfall located in the province of Castellón. It is a wonderful place that has a sad legend of love. It is located in the middle of nature, where you can enjoy fantastic landscapes. This is a perfect option to combine your hiking route with a stop to cool off in its waters. You can visit the waterfall with your partner, family or friends. We are sure that you will like it!


The waterfall

This small but beautiful waterfall is located in the town of Navajas in Castellón. In this place, after the rainy and snowy season, the water drops very strongly by the Palanca River. In the narrowest part of the channel there are 2 stones. These are a very important part of the legend that we are going to tell you next and that gives its name to the waterfall.


The legend of El Salto de la Novia

The name of the waterfall is due to an old love legend. The story is about a young couple dating in the area. As proof of their love, they had to jump into the river at its narrowest point. First the girl jumped but that day the waters were very troubled. Then he fell into the river. Her boyfriend went crazy with sadness and jumped after her. Some time later, they found their bodies downstream. From that moment, they say that some nights we hear the cries of sadness of those lovers.

As you can see, in Spanish culture there are always places for a love story;) If you want to know more and know the full legend, you can find it here. In addition, on this page you can see many hiking trails in the province of Castellón. With our Spanish school we have done some of these routes and they have been incredible, we had a great time.

We hope you enjoy your excursion to the Salto de la Novia! And, when you’re ready to return from your holidays, we’ll wait for you at our Spanish school😉