This Friday 10th of March the plantà of the Muviment falla will be held at 10 Quevedo Street in Valencia, next to the old hospital. Besides, from 7pm enjoy DJ’s sessions, live music and charanga will liven up this event.

But, what does the word charanga mean?

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy, there are two meanings for this word:
1. f. A band of music made up of wind and percussion instruments.
2. f. A band of music of a jocular nature.

What happens if we put both meanings together? Well, we can deduce that this charanga is a space of meeting. A place where music and fun go hand in hand.
Once we have understood the meaning of charanga, we need to understand another of the word that appears in the title of this article, i.e. the word “plantà”.

What does the word plantà mean?

In Spanish, the word “plantà” (without the accent on the last vowel) has several meanings. Le’s see the most common ones:

1. Indicates the bottom of foot. “Me he quemado la planta del pie en la playa”
(I have burnt the sole of my foot on the beach)
2. A plant. “Tengo que regar las plantas” (I have to water the plants)
3. More colloquially it refers to a person’s physical appearance. “Mi amigo tiene muy buena planta” (My friend is very good-looking)
4. Finally, it also indicates the ground plan of a building (la planta de un edificio).

But in Valencian language, the word plantà (with accent mark) means something different. It indicates the day on which the Fallas monuments are set up. Normally there are two important dates for the “plantà”.

The smallest fallas are the first to be assembled and in this year that happens on Wednesday, 15th of March. The rest of the Fallas will be assembled on Thursday 16th of March. And once all fallas are set up, the fiesta is guaranteed!

In Valencia, each casal fallero secretly hides how their fallas will look like in order to leave future visitors speechless when they see them.

As for the MuviMent, its falla will be set up this Friday, 10th of March. This gastro-cultural space, that is turning such a strategic enclave of the city into a cultural, social and gastronomic space, also aims at finding its place in the Fallas festivity.

Muviment is located in Quevedo street, next to the gardens of the old hospital. This Friday 10th the Casal Fallero Muviment will be inaugurated. Admission is free and from 7pm people will enjoy music and beer.

Liz Dust, as fallera Mayor, will contribute to Muviment’s festive atmosphere . Liz Dust is expected to give a speech to welcome the fallas 2023.

If you still don’t know the MuVIM (Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity), this is an unbeatable opportunity to get to know it. Among its temporary exhibitions we can find Diseño y salud “and “Una subversive tentación” among many other. You can conult the full cultural program on on the MuVIM website.