The Night of San Juan (Saint John) is almost here and it is undoubtedly the most magical night of the year. As every year we are going to enjoy this special night on Valencia beach all together with our Spanish school.

What is it?

The Night of San Juan marks the beginning of summer. It is the shortest night of the year and it’s celebrated from 23rd to 24th of June. As we teach our students in our Spanish courses, it’s important and interesting to learn Spanish culture and this feast is definitely one of the most well-known around the Spanish peninsula, especially in Valencia. It’s the shortest night of the year that is lived with intensity in the majority of Mediterranean countries.


San Juan night is a pagan celebration and is related to the worship of the sun as it is at the summer solstice. The tradition says that the bonfire should be made on the beach and a series of rituals to be followed in order to have good luck.

There are two very important rituals to follow:

1) Jump over the bonfire in order to have good luck

As every year, the Valencia city hall will be providing wood so that every group can make their own little bonfire. Once the bonfire is lit, you have to wait until midnight and then jump over it 7 times.

2) A swim on the beach guarantees good health for the next year

Moreover, you have to jump 7 waves with your back to the sea at midnight to eliminate the negative energy and be able to make a wish.

We hope that you are going to follow our advice and the magic of San Juan will bring you luck. See you at the bonfires on Valencia beach!

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