Do you know the Ruzafa market?

Do you know where El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school is?

If so, you already know where “Disco sopa” will take place!

Don’t forget to block the agenda for this Saturday 3 June.

But… What is disco sopa and what does it claim? Well, the festival of the international “disco sopa” movement is promoted on this occasion by the Ruzafa market sellers’ association, in addition to other entities that promotes it, including Valencia City Council.
The main aim of this event is to show consumers that fruit and vegetables are not perfect, that although in advertisements they appear with filters, which make them more appetising and remove imperfections and blemishes, the reality is that they have imperfections.

This reality regarding the shapes, colour, tone and appearance of fruit and vegetables is a way of raising awareness, as well as educating people about the wrong belief that fruit and vegetables with blemishes, bruised or ugly are not good for consumption.

The aim of this awareness-raising campaign is not only to show the quality of these foods that we reject because of their appearance, but also to show that, by rejecting them, they end up as waste and in the rubbish bin of many establishments.
It is important to be aware that discarding food because of its degree of ripeness or its appearance is a nutritional waste, as these foods retain all their nutrients, even if their appearance is not the most appealing to our eyes.

As is often the case, we need to look at the problem in perspective, analysing the large quantities of food that are thrown away worldwide, just for aesthetic reasons.
Returning to the event, which is festive and activist at the same time, various activities for people of any age have been planned for the afternoon of 3 June; starting at 17:00h for children and 18:30 for adults.

Among the activities, in addition to Fritz Kola soft drinks and Ambar beers, there will be a cooking workshop, which will be available for tasting afterwards, while the afternoon will be enlivened by Toxicosmos DJ’s live music.

If you are interested in more information about the Disco Sopa association and in collaborating with their sustainable actions, we leave you a link at the end of the article. Their actions include volunteer campaigns, interventions, education and research. In addition to this, they are always looking for new links and alliances that help to give visibility to their project and nourish both parties.

Link to Disco Sopa