Still do not have plans for New Year’s Eve 2019 in Valencia? So, our blog today is for you!

These days the students of our Spanish school El Rincón de Tándem ask us a lot about what to do in Valencia during the holidays. Therefore, today we have prepared a small guide to the plans for New Year’s Eve 2019 in Valencia. Also, we explain why you have to wear something red during this night;)

The party is an inseparable part of Spanish culture, therefore, for the Spanish New Year’s Eve is a good reason to go out and have fun. Thus, if Christmas Eve and Christmas are celebrated in the family, New Year’s Eve can be celebrated in family or with friends. Young people mostly organize parties in some house and go outside. So, what would be the typical Spanish food on December 31?

San Silvestre

As every year, one day before the New Year’s Eve, in Valencia the last race of the year is celebrated: San Silvestre. This race commemorates the Christmas holidays and the end of the year and takes place in the center of the city of Valencia on December 30 at 20.00. It’s a very fun family event given that everyone goes in disguise. If you want to participate in this race, hurry up: the last day of registration is today, December 28th.

The food during New Year’s Eve

One of the Spanish traditions is to have a table full of food and drink during New Year’s Eve. Thus, the Spanish mix meat and fish dishes during dinner. It may seem strange to those who are not used to this but we assure you that if you accompany the food with delicious Spanish wines, nothing will make you feel bad J The most important element of New Year’s Eve are 12 grapes that are eaten with each bell before the 12 pm. Thus, according to popular belief, you will have happiness all next year. Afterwards, you can not miss cava!

The Red color

On the other hand, there is one of the Spanish traditions that can surprise you: wear red underwear during New Year’s Eve. That tradition comes from the Middle Ages when red was associated with the devil and witchcraft. Therefore, people never wore red clothes. Then the times have taken a completely different turn: during the cold winters the red color represented life. Hence, people were convinced that wearing this color would bring luck. Since officially red was forbidden, people dared to use it only for underwear. Currently, Spaniards believe that a red undergarment will bring them luck, love and passion in the new year.

The chimes

For a few years, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the most popular places in Valencia on New Year’s Eve. Following the Madrid tradition of taking grapes under the chimes of the clock in Puerta del Sol, Valencia organizes its own party. Thousands of people gather there to celebrate New Year’s Eve and enjoy the performances of the DJs. In addition, this year the events in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento will take place from 11 in the morning and until 11 at night will carry a family character. Then, 5 minutes before midnight, there will be a light show.

On the other hand, the first time in Valencia, this year there will be bells in the Marina de Valencia. The party will be accompanied by a pyrotechnic show by Ricardo Caballer.

Going out on New Year’s Eve

Do you prefer to go out on New Year’s Eve and go to a disco? That is not going to be a problem but keep in mind that there will be many people and the prices are higher than a normal weekend. Our students who take Spanish courses in Valencia have their preferences. For example, the Mya or Le Premier nightclubs offer theme parties with a gala dinner.

hope this blog helps you plan the best party to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2019 in Valencia. Meanwhile, El Rincón del Tandem School wishes you a prosperous New Year and see you in 2019!