Do you want to know more about Valencian summer traditions? In this case, this summer you should go to the cine a la fresca at least once. Our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem explains it best in this blog. Take a look below!

Whether it is in a square, in the park or on the beach, the cine a la fresca (open-air cinema) is always a desirable plan, especially during the hottest nights.

A snack, a beer, a beach towel or a chair … that’s all you need to spend a low cost evening with friends or alone.

To help our students of the Spanish course enjoy this Valencian experience, we have selected some options of cine a la fresca for this weekend.

Let’s go there!

Filmoteca D’Estiu

From the 2nd to the 31st. 10.30 pm.
Jardines del Palau de la Mùsica
Ticket: 3,50 euros

The long-awaited Fimoteca’s open-air film cycle begins today. As every year, the Filmoteca brings its programming outside the Rialto movie theatre, to temporarily settle in the Turia Gardens.

This year the program invites us to get to know mostly cult movies, with a series of classics or films awarded nationally and internationally.

Therefore, if you want to broaden your knowledge and watch movies that are part of the cinema’s history, do not miss this chance 😉

This weekend, the Filmoteca will show Life of  Brian (Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4ht at 10.30 pm.). The most famous movie by the English comedy group Monty Python, known for being one of the best parodies of cinema’s history.

And if you missed some classics for being too young, you will have the chance to watch some, such as Blade Runner (day 8 and 9) and Taxi Driver (27 and 29).

Finally, to learn more about the history of Spain, we invite you to attend the screening of El silencio de otros (5 and 6). A documentary about the victims of Franco regime and their search for justice.

To see the full program, we invite you to visit the Filmoteca’s website.

CCCCinema d’Estiu: European Comedy movie cycle

From the 1st to the 30th. From Tuesday to Sunday, 10.00 pm.
Claustro Gótico del Centro del Carmen, Calle del Museo 2
Free entrance

What do we laugh at in Europe? This is the question this European Comedy Cycle will answer to.

Throughout the month of August, the CCCC offers us an European comedy overview, showing not so popular and even forgotten movies.

And we will discover how, through laughter, European filmmakers invite us to face the greatest challenges of life with irony. Among them, the economic crisis, racism, social repression, etc.

This weekend, the programming foresees:

Im Juli, Saturday 3rd, 10.00 pm., by the German Turkish director Fatih Akin.

A “road movie” comedy, that is romantic and critical at the same time.

Domenica d’agosto, Sunday 4th, 10.00 pm., by the Italian director Luciano Emmer.

A film of “pink neorealism” set in the era of the post-war economic boom.

For more information about this film series, click here.

Cine on the beaches

Until the 29th of august. 10.00 pm.
Several Valencian beaches
Free movies

Is there anything more refreshing than the night breeze by the sea? If you feel like enjoying a full day at the beach, this is your perfect plan!

Cinema on the beaches is an initiative promoted by the Provincial Tourism department of the province of Valencia and consists of 39 movie nights at 20 beaches in Valencia. Among them, Alboraia, Sueca, Piles, València, Oliva, El Puig de Santa Maria, El Perelló, Puçol, etc.

This weekend, the program proposes:

Jurassic World, Saturday 3, at Puerto de Sagunto Beach
Hotel Transilvania 3, Sunday 4, in San Antonio Beach (Cullera)

A couple of entertaining movies with which to end a long enjoyable and sunny day at the beach 😉

All screenings are free. By the way, don’t forget to take your chair or towel! It is you who choose the site that best suits you.

To check the program, take a look at this website.

Autocine Star

Carrera del Riu 407, carretera Pinedo – Saler
Ticket: 7 euros

Autocine Star offers us the possibility to enjoy cinema in a different way. In this case, leave your chair at home and take the car! You can watch the movie comfortably sitting in your car seat and also attend the double session.

This weekend, and until August 8th, the programming foresees:

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, 10:00 p.m.
Yesterday, midnight.

We invite you to check the website of the drive-in for information about upcoming movies.

We hope this blog helps you spend a beautiful weekend, enjoying the cinema alla fresca.
With a beach towel or chair and, for sure, with some snacks to eat while watching the movie…

Finally, from our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem, we encourage you to learn about Valencian customs, living new experiences and interacting with local people.

And, by the way, to continue practicing Spanish in a fun and entertaining way!

See you soon!