Are you with the Christmas or the days before in Valencia? Then, if I were you, I would continue reading this blog quickly. With these a few nice December things you could really enjoy this time in the city of Valencia. There is already in the sign of Christmas also in our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem.

December things

You may already have noticed. Throughout Valencia, you can already taste the Christmas atmosphere. On the street it is hardly to avoid the decorated streets and squares. Also, you can find skating rinks at various locations, including in the Aqua shopping center and on the town hall square, which also has a (child-) carousel. In addition, there is a typical smell in the city, this is the smell of roasted chestnuts. Around this time, you will find on almost every corner of the street a place where you can buy these.

Between the real Spanish traditions there is to set up Christmas stalls. You will encounter these in many shop windows, churches and schools. However, nine out the ten Spaniards also have one at home. You can buy these at Christmas markets. One of the most famous Christmas markets is around the central market, which has about 60 stalls. In addition, there is the plaza de la Reina, this is the biggest and has nearly 250 stalls.

Also, a very famous one is the Spanish Christmas lottery. Many people are queuing around this time to get a lottery ticket. In the morning of December 22 is the draw of the lottery, this is broadcasted live on Radio and TV. The prize money is no less than 2,5 billion, not surprising that many Spaniards are a bit nervous and are stuck on the tube at that morning. If you want a lottery ticket, you can buy a tenth part of a ticket for €20,00.

Christmas food

During the Christmas an exorbitant amount is eating. What definitely not missing here is turron. Turrón is similar to nougat. It includes honey, sugar, protein and almonds. It is typically Spanish; therefore, it is one of the most famous delicacies in Spain. The history of it lies in the province Alicante, Valencian country, which is why you can find the best turron here. Do you want to know more about this? Then you can possibly visit the Turrón-museum in Jijona. If you only want to eat it, around this time there are enough shops where you can buy it.

We hope you liked our blog and our recommendations about what to do in Valencia on Christmas. In addition, we have prepared a small gift for all those who want to study Spanish in Valencia: if you book your course before January 6, we give you a discount of 25%;) The details of the offer can be found in our FaceBook.