In Spain we know an actor Mario Casas as Hugo, of  “three meters above the sky”.  The young Spanish actor has some of the highest grossing films in Spain. Undoubtedly, he is an important figure in modern Spanish culture.

The first notable paper Mario Casas was obtained thanks to the hand of Antonio Banderas. But the real success came after the famous drama “Three meters above the sky.” However, the actor has other prominent roles in different film genres.

Today we present you the top 5 of Mario Casas movies. Seeing them in the original version is a perfect complement to your Spanish classes. In our Spanish school we usually advise different films so that students get used to the Spanish way of speaking. Prepare notebook and pen and write the new words! Then you can ask them in class;)


El barco (Boat)

“El barco” is a Spanish science fiction series that has 3 seasons. Thanks to the combination of drama, mystery and suspense it became a very successful series. The plot revolves around the adventures of a group of students embarking on a school trip on a boat. After a terrifying storm the young people realize that the rest of the world has disappeared. Can they step on the earth again?


Tres metros sobre el cielo (Three meters above the sky)

This film is based on the homonymous novel by the Italian writer Federico Moccia. It is a romantic drama that tells the story of two young lovers who live in Barcelona. She’s called Babi and she’s a girl from the upper-middle class. He is innocent and has his life completely fixed. He is Hugo, a rebel biker who is in danger. His life is illegal races and endless fights. Despite all the differences, one day they meet and fall in love.


Tengo ganas de ti (I desire you)

It is the sequel to the successful drama “Three meters above the sky”. The film begins 2 years after the events of the first part. Hugo returns to Barcelona after spending a season in London and meets his new love, Gin. She looks a lot like Hugo and both are attracted. However, he still feels something for Babi who now has a stable life. What path will they choose?


Palmeras en la nieve (Palm trees in the snow)

It is a romantic drama that takes place in two different moments. One day Clarence discovers a lost letter from his uncle Killian that gives him an enticing clue to the family’s past. Clarence tries to discover what happened 50 years ago.

The second line is set in 1953 when Killian and his brother leave their town in Huesca. They travel to an old Spanish colony in Equatorial Guinea where their father awaits them. In addition, young people have to take charge of the family business of cocoa farming. There Killian falls in love with Bisila who is a native of the island. However, this love was forbidden in those times…


Contratiempo (Setback)

It is a suspense film produced by the director Oriol Paulo. The main character is Adrián, a young and successful businessman. One day he wakes up in a hotel next to the corpse of his lover. In order to avoid the accusation in murder, he hires the best witnessing coach in the country. During one night they will have to find a way to free Adrián from jail. However, Adrián tries to hide data from his advisor …


Our Spanish school in Valencia always helps you learn Spanish. And soon we will publish more post about the Spanish culture.

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