While it hasn’t been exactly possible to pack our bags and explore a new country as much as we wanted, we did get a chance to scroll through the extensive catalogues on streaming services. And with that, came a wave of interest for media that generally doesn’t get much attention, non-English speaking films and tv shows! 😱

From Squid Game to Narcos, Parasite to Money Heist, mainstream media is quickly becoming more diverse with each new release, and we’re here for it! Although the doll from Squid Game still haunts our dreams.

If watching these international films and shows has made you curious about languages then keep reading because we’re here to tell you why being bilingual has more benefits than just turning subtitles off and still understanding what’s happening.

We’ll be the first to put our hand up and say learning a new language is not easy, no doubt about that (sometimes we question if we can even speak English properly). But overcoming the initial learning curve and studying overseas will reap you plenty of rewards, both in your personal and professional life.

Learning a language can actually make you smarter.

Don’t get me wrong, learning to speak Spanish won’t suddenly make you an Einstein level genius. But, the learning process is an excellent way to train your brain to tackle more complex problems and gives your brain a good mental workout. 🧠

But that’s not all! With all the new vocab and phrases you’re learning, studies have also shown memory improvement and an added bonus of excellent multi-tasking skills.

Become a better, more confident you.

It’s true that confidence builds up with every goal we are able to achieve. From slowly wrapping your head around a new vocabulary to being able to string beautiful sentences together, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re improving.

From there, it’s only a matter of time before you’re ordering paella fluently in Valencia or conversing easily with your new Spanish-speaking friends.

Connect with new people.

This one is a no brainer. Learning a new language will open you up to a brand new culture and give you an opportunity to chat with new people. Whether you only know a few sentences to get you by, there is no better lesson or test than getting the opportunity to converse with a native speaker. Chances are, they’ll be impressed either way and you’ll end up feeling like an A+ student. ⭐️

Blow employers away with your language skills!

Don’t forget to add your newfound language skills to your resume! Not only is this an amazing conversation starter in an interview, but it may well open up more job opportunities for you in future (especially if working abroad is in your sights 😉).

So how did we do? Have we convinced you to swap the sweats for studying pants and learn a new language abroad?

Global Work & Travel can help you achieve your travel dreams so you can learn a new skill almost anywhere in the world, including learning Spanish in Valencia! It’ll be exactly like Money Heist, but instead of a multi-million dollar sting, you’ll be learning and immersing yourself in an incredible new language and culture…so maybe not like Money Heist at all.