Assumption of Our Lady to the heavens is an important Catholic holiday in Spain. If you want to know more about this festivity, read our post today!

Spain is famous for its festivities. Also, being a country where the Catholic population prevails, it has many religious festivals. Among these, one of the most important takes place in summer and has great relevance. We speak of August 15 that is the solemnity of the Assumption of Our Lady to the heavens. Another name of this day is the Day of Our Lady of the Assumption. It is a national holiday of great importance in Valencia. This day, the oldest procession of the ancient Kingdom of Valencia is celebrated in honor of the Virgin Mary.

The procession in the honor of the patron saint of the city takes place from 1352. The devotion is due to the reconquest of Valencia in 1238 by King Jaime I the Conqueror who dedicated his activity to the Virgin.

Today, thanks to the festivities of August 15 throughout the province of Valencia reign fun and festive joy. This day Valencia receives the visit of hundreds of tourists to their populations. During the holidays you can enjoy multiple events. For example, horseback riding, sporting events, amusement fairs, musical performances, traditional dances or fireworks and mascletás. The culmination of the party comes at night when the festivals are organized and live music is played.

In Valencia, for the reason of the party, the bells of the Cathedral of Valencia are turned by hand eight times. The celebration this year will last 2 days, 14 and 15 August. Below we suggest a short agenda these days.

August 14:

18.30 – First Solemn Vespers

August 15th:

9.35 – Transfer of the Virgin from the chapel of the church of the Miracle to the Cathedral of Valencia. You can see a religious representation and a musical band that will play the traditional Valencian songs.

10.00 – Arrival of the Virgin to the Cathedral. In honor of this, the Micalet bell will play several times a day. Meanwhile, citizens can visit the Virgin.

19.00 – Solemn procession when the Virgin returns to the Church of the Miracle where she rests until August 15.

If you do not know what to do in Valencia, we advise you to visit this beautiful festivity. Spanish culture has many traditions and to discover them there is nothing better than living them in the first person.

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