The Valencian marathon is one of the most interesting events of this weekend.

This Sunday is the big celebration of the 38th Valencian marathon again, this is a real Spanish tradition. This marathon is called Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso and has a distance of 42.195 meters. More than 50.000 people, including runners and companions, will visit the city this weekend.

The route went through the center of Valencia. Participants run past Plaza Ayuntamieto, the Plaza de Toros, the Cathedral and the Turia park. The start and finish are in the City of Art and Science. As long as you are older than 18 years, you can participate the marathon. You don’t have to be a professional, (almost) everyone can join it.

The first marathon in Valencia was on March 29, 1981. However, the marathon in 2017 broke all the records, with the best time ever on Spanish soil. The record before this was in 2015, when Sammy Kitwara passed the marathon in 2:05:15. It was the fastest marathon race in Spain for men and women.

The Marathon was awarded the IAAF Road Race Gold Label in 2016, proving that it is one of the best marathons in the world. This is also the only Spanish marathon that received this label.

The days before and during the marathon an exhibition will be held in the City of Art and Science. There are different kinds of conferences and performances. You can also buy all the necessities for running and there are many stalls where you can do different things. This takes places in the Principle Felipe Science museum.

So, do you have no idea what to do in Valencia this weekend? You can go to the city! Well, it will be incredibly busy and there is undoubtedly enough to do. Our Spanish school Escuela El Tandem and her students will certainly look this and enjoy this weekend. You too?