Today we dedicate our blog to one of the best-known dishes of Spanish gastronomy and give you useful information on where to enjoy a good tortilla de patatas in Valencia. El Rincón del Tándem Spanish school invites you to know more and wishes you “buen provecho”! 🙂

With no doubt whatsoever, the tortilla de patatas is an emblem of Spanish gastronomy abroad.

A small portion of tortilla (pincho de tortilla) accompanied by a beer, a wine or a soft drink is one of the small essential pleasures and a simple gastronomic experience that every tourist should have.

In addition, the popularity of the tortilla is so big that it even has a dedicated day on the calendar of celebrations. Therefore, on the occasion of last March 9th, Day of Tortilla de patatas, we leave you some suggestions on some of the most famous places in Valencia where you can taste a good tortilla.

Let’s start!

Bodega La Peseta

Bodega La Peseta is located in front of El Grau Municipal Market, in a lively small street full of life and bars.

In addition to its menu made with quality products, vermouth and homemade tapas, it is known for its tortilla de patatas.
Their tortillas, besides being good to look, are very varied. You will find both the most traditional recipes to less-known versions such as the eggplant tortilla, tortilla with chorizo, etc.

Lastly, this place stands out for its warm and unique space.

Cervecería Alhambra

That is a real institution for tortillas lovers in Valencia ?

Bar Alhambra has a history of more than 40 years, during which this place has turned into one of the most popular places thanks to the quality of its almuerzos. A benchmark in the world of tortillas-lovers for the variety and size of their tortillas (till 4 kg).

Recently, following the change in management, the place has opened again with the name “Cervería”. The Cervería continues the tradition and offers its customers up to 14 different types of tortilla.

Bar Restaurante Rojas Clemente

Bar Rojas Clement is another fundamental stage of this gastronomic route. It is located in the Rojas Clemente Municipal Market. This place opts for a homemade food and quality local products.

Quiosco La Pérgola

Quiosco La Pérgola is locate in Paseo del Alameda and has a large outdoor terrace. It is an ideal place to enjoy good traditional food under the Valencian sun and the shadows of the trees.
In addition to its tortilla, this place is very famous for its sandwiches.

Cervecería Tortillea

This newly opened venue celebrates the perfect beer-tortilla duo with a varied and original menu. La Cervería offers tortillas for every taste, from the most traditional to the most innovative.
In fact, customers can “customize” their tortilla by choosing from several toppings.

Finally, it is possible to enjoy the tortilla in different ways. Like a pincho, in a sandwich or as a dish.

Surely there are many more places that are popular for their tortilla de patatas in Valencia, so that the list of those that deserve to be mentioned does not end here. Do you feel like searching for more? ?

As usual we hope this blog has inspired you in your cultural and gastronomic immersion.
Our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, invites you to continue improving your Spanish, by learning new Spanish words about gastronomy and any other topic of interest.

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