Spanish language has plenty of sayings about any topic and for sure, weather is one of them. Do you already know some summer sayings? In this blog, our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem provides you with the most well-known. Let’s get a look!

The repertoire of Spanish sayings and proverbs is very rich and they refer to very diverse topics. Of course, as in many languages, the weather is one of the most common, as time and seasons set the pace of our life. Therefore, today we offer you a short overview of summer sayings…

To begin with, we remind that sayings are pithy expressions. They are commonly known and frequently used in informal conversation and use to convey messages of folk wisdom or sort of advices.

They trace back to ancient times and they are often related to country life. Through sayings, you will be able to better understand customs, traditions and approaches to life.

Besides that, using sayings will help you to make your speech more authentic and sound like a native when speaking Spanish.
So, let’s start!

1. “Veraneando, se va el tiempo volando”

Meaning “summertime goes by fast”. It seems to be the shortest season of the year, as we this is the time of the year we use to enjoy the most. And when we have fun, time pass by faster. Doesn’t it?

2. “A invierno lluvioso, verano caluroso”

If past winter was rainy and cold, approaching summer will be hot. That means that everything is as it is supposed to be.

3. “Abril tronado, viene buen verano”

If April was stormy, summer will be good and quiet.

4. “Llegadas las golondrinas, el verano encima”

Terns returning from migration announce that the summer is approaching. So, if you see terns flying in the sky, be happy! The warmth is coming very soon 😉

5. “Si septiembre no tiene fruta, agosto tuvo la culpa”

If fruit crop was poor in September, that’s August’s fault. In other words, autumn fruits need sun and warm in summer to ripen. So, August was not as warm as was expected to be…

6. “Nueve meses de invierno y tres de infierno”

Nine months of winter and three months of hell. In the interior of the Iberian Peninsula, very high or low temperatures are usually reached and weather uses to be very extreme (continental climate). At the same time, intermediate seasons use to be very short. Or we can even say that they do not exist at all!

7. “Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo”

Elderly say we should not trust June warmth and suggest us to wait July to put away winter clothes. A wise piece of advice to not get sick. Do you use to follow it?

8. “El verano en la montaña empieza en Santiago y acaba en Santa Ana”

If you cannot cope with hot weather, pack your staff and seek a cool place in the mountains! As told in this saying, “summertime on the mountains starts on Santiago’s day and ends on Santa Ana’s day”. In other words, starts on the 25th of July and ends on the following day… A key information for whom does not stands hot temperature 😉

We hope our post about summer sayings helped you to get more knowledge about Spanish expressions and culture.
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