The Spaniards are very refraneros. They love sayings and sayings about meteorology, love, friendship, etc. Do you know any?

To begin, we explain what a proverb is. According to Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is “said acute and sentencing of common use“.  That is to say, the sayings are short sentences that contain some moral. They are based on the wisdom, customs and traditions of the people. For example, today we teach you some sayings about meteorology.

Proverbs and sayings form an important part of Spanish culture. Its theme can be anyone. For example, about love, customs, values ​​or time. During our Spanish courses we teach some sayings and sayings from Spain. His understanding helps us understand Spanish traditions. Also, its use makes our speech more natural. After all, learning Spanish is not just grammar;)

So, what are the 5 most common meteorological sayings in Valencia?

1.Agua de mayo, pan para todo el año.

Talk about the benefits of rain seen that traditionally in Valencia does not usually rain much .

2. En abril, aguas mil.

This saying talks about the typical spring rains .

3. Año de nieves, año de bienes.

This saying has to be explained a little more. Speaking of the goods refers to the field crops that give life to all the peasants. In order for the crops to grow, there is a need for much water after the snow melts.

4. Agosto, frío al rostro.

He says it because August already begins to yield the summer you notice the arrival of autumn.

5. Hasta el cuarenta de mayo no te quites el sayo.

It means that until the beginning of June you can not rely on good weather.

Did you like our article? Surely you’ve learned a new saying. Now you can use them in your everyday life and surprise your Spanish friends.

Greetings and until the next blog!