Today we will learn together some Spanish expressions for hot weather that will surely come you in handy this summer. Our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, provides you with a list of the most common expressions to say “it’s very hot” 😊

Valencia is known for its Mediterranean weather and mild winter temperature…and of course, quite hot summer! If that is your first summer in Valencia, our Spanish school will provide here a short list of Spanish words and Spanish expressions on hot weather that you absolutely need to know.

Therefore, let’s see learn some basics to express ourselves in hot summer Valencian days…

On these days, it’s very common to hear people saying:

  • ¡Qué calor! = It’s hot!
  • ¡Vaya calor! = What a heat!
  • ¡Hace muchísimo calor! = It’s very hot!

Some days the heath becomes very intense, almost unbearable. Summer heat in Valencia is humid so that the thermal sensation is normally higher than the temperature.
Here below, you will find some typical Spanish expressions to describe those summer days when the heat is suffocating:

  • Hace un calor asfixiante = the heath is suffocating
  • Hace un calor que te torras = It’s so hot that I am toasting
  • Hoy el calor es sofocante = It is sweltering
  • Hace un calor infernal = It’s hotter than hell
  • Esto es un horno = (literally) This is an oven
  • Hace un calor que se puede freír un huevo en la calle = It’s so hot you can fry en egg on the street
  • Hace un sol de justicia

This expression does not have a proper literal translation. The word justicia (justice) refers to a punishment that prisoners used to be subjected to in ancient times, when they were left under the burning sun without any water nor food. Therefore, it conveys a sense of suffering.

  • Hoy el sol aprieta = Today the sun is beating down
  • ¡Cómo pega el sol! / El sol pega fuerte = The sun beats down
  • ¡Qué calor de perros! / ¡Hace un calor de perros!

The expressions to “los calores de perros”, i.e. period between July 3 and August 11, when the Canis Maior constellation’s star reaches the most high point, in conjunction with the sun.
So, it has nothing to do with dogs 😊

Also, let’s take a look at those Spanish verbs that will come you in handy when you cannot stand the heat anymore….

  • Asarse = to be roasting
  • Achicharrarse = to burn, to roast
  • Derretirse = to melt
  • Morirse de calor = To die of heat
  • Sudar la gota gorda

This idiom is also used when we make a great effort to reach an objective or to do something. Literally, it would sound anything like “sweating big drops”. The equivalent English expression would be “to sweat buckets”.

Finally, we hope that our post on Spanish expressions for hot weather have helped you learn useful idioms and exclamations.

To cool yourself off, we also suggest you to enjoy some of the most typical summer drinks in Valencia. Go back to our previous post to read more and get to know tasty and fresh cocktails and drinks that people use to have here in summertime.

Lastly, our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, invites you to keep improving your Spanish mastering new Spanish words and learning how to use them properly.

¡Hasta luego!