October 9th is the Valencian Community Day. Would you like to know more about this celebration? El Rincón del Tándem of Valencia tells you everything in this blog 😉

October 9th is not an ordinary day for the Valencian people. In fact, on this date the most important festivity of the Valencian Community is celebrated. Here below we explain its roots and how Valencians usually celebrate this day.

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Historically, October 9th was born to commemorate the day that King Jaime I entered Valencia in 1238 and the building of Reino de Valencia.

Although the tradition of this festivity dates back to the fourteenth century, only in 1976 it became an institutional holiday throughout the Valencian Community.

In fact, in that year, October 9th was officially proclaimed by the Plenary of Parliamentarians as National Day of the Valencian Country, and later on, the Day of the Valencian Community.

Currently, it is a day in which the Valencian history, traditions and culture are celebrated. A very special day not only for Valencians but also for tourists who will have the opportunity to live intensely the main local cultural expressions.

Although the celebrations begin on October 1st, the official program of the City Council (Ayuntamiento) begins on Tuesday 8th with the exhibition of the Valencian flag la Señera, in the Hall of the City Hall.

Among the several activities and events that will take place, we highlight the most representative:

– October 8th at 00.00. Pyrotechnic show in the Turia Park
– October 9th at 12.00. Civic procession with offering to the monument of Jaime I
– October 9th at 5:00 p.m. Parade of Moors and Christians in Calle de la Paz, Calle San Vicente, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Calle del Marqués de Sotelo).

In addition, the celebrations will include traditional music and dance shows in the streets and squares of the city and open days at the Palau de la Generalitat.

Furthermore, on October 9th the Valencians also celebrate Sant Dionís, the patron of the lovers of Valencia …

This day, according to the tradition, men offer as a gift to women the mocadorà” or “mocaorà”, i.e. marzipan sweets wrapped in a kerchief closed with a ring or knot.

Therefore, this days we suggest you to take a walk through the bakeries of Valencia to look at their windows, full of colourful and delicious sweets…

In short, October 9th is a very special day of parties and celebrations that you cannot miss.
Therefore, we encourage all our students of the Spanish course to go out and join this great party 🙂

You will learn closely the local traditions and the most typical of Valencia.

Finally, we remind you that in our Spanish school El Rincón del Tándem of Valencia, we also teach you Spanish through culture and social topics 🙂

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