It’s becoming usual that every week there is a large number of events and activities in Valencia. Last week we had bonfires of San Juan on the Valencia beach whereas this week we are enjoying a film festival called Cinema Jove that aims to promote young filmmakers.

This year Cinema Jove celebrates its 33rd edition in the city of Valencia. The aim of this festival is to promote and support young filmmakers under the age of 40. In the course of time the festival is becoming more and more popular on the international level and we are very proud of that in Valencia. So proud that there are always long queues to buy tickets – a clear example of the fact that Valencians are lovers of the independent cinema.

This year, the section of Cinema Jove dedicated to Valenciano (the local language of Comunidad Valenciana similar to Catalan) has become more significant. As the years have gone by this section has been gaining strength. In fact, the award Luna de Valencia (Moon of Valencia) shows us the prestige of this section, as well as the first feature film in Valenciano in the official section after 10 years.

Given the large number of young assistants, among which the university students of Valencia stand out, the organizers of the festival have decided to delay the start dates so that they don’t match with the period of final exams at the universities. Along with these measures, many workshops have been added to the festival, such as Pantalla Jove or La Residencia de Estudiantes. Apart from these innovations, the festival offers two sections aimed at new technologies – Digital Jove and Webseries.

Since we have this opportunity in Valencia, our Spanish school won’t miss the chance and we will all go together to enjoy this film festival. The festival will take place mostly in the Rialto building (el Edificio del Rialto), one of the most emblematic buildings in the city of Valencia, our small Empire State Building, where it’s worth taking the elevator that will move you to another era. Check the official web of the festival for detailed info about screenings and venues.

See you at the cinema from June 22 to 29!