The most important film event of the year, the Goya awards, is approaching. In the continuation we will describe you the movies nominated for the Goya 2019. In our Spanish school the Rincón del Tándem, we are moviegoers and we have seen them all, and you?

This week, on Saturday, February 2, the 33rd edition of the Goya Awards will be held. This important event that is part of modern Spanish culture, will take place in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville. To the award of this year choose movies such as “Champions”, “Carmen and Lola”, “The Kingdom”, “Between two waters” and “Everyone knows”. In case you have not seen any of these movies, we’ll give you a short summary.

Everybody knows

This film counts on the presence of Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz, both interpreting the protagonists of it. The story begins when Laura returns to her hometown in Spain from Buenos Aires to attend her sister’s wedding. However, unforeseen events will shake the lives of the protagonists.

Between two waters

This documentary by Isaki Lacuesta is the continuation of his 2006 work “La leyenda del tiempo”. Tells the story of two young gypsy brothers. One goes out of jail after serving a sentence for drug trafficking and the other just returned from a mission with the Navy.

The kingdom

It is a political thriller that tells the story of Manuel, an influential regional deputy secretary. Manuel has everything in his favor to escalate in national politics but his perfect life begins to be destroyed due to harassment in corruption.


This dramatic comedy is one of the most praised films this year. It all starts when Marco, a basketball coach, in the midst of a personal crisis, ends up leading a team made up of people with intellectual disabilities. What began for him as the only alternative to prison, ends up becoming a life lesson.

Carmen and Lola

This drama speaks of the love between two young gypsies. Carmen is a teenager who lives according to the rules of the gypsy community and is destined to marry and have children as soon as possible. But one day he meets Lola, who is an uncommon and rebellious gypsy. Thus, the two girls fall in love and try to carry a relationship despite all the social taboos.

We hope this post encourages you to watch these movies. Next Monday we will talk more about the ceremony and the results of the Goya 2019. Meanwhile, our Spanish school El Rincon del Tandem recommends you see the films nominated in the original version. In this way, it will be easier for you to learn new Spanish words. In addition, you can search for subtitled versions that will help you learn Spanish more easily.

Until the next blog!