The popular festivities of the villages are very important for Spaniards. It´s a perfect excuse to escape from the cities. Also, for enjoy something different in the company of family and friends. The festivities offer a wide programming on which we tell you below.

Popular Festivities of the villages are also known as Major Festivals or Patron Saint Festivals. They  usually take place in the months of July and August. The objective is attract the people of the city and tourists to the villages. In Spain there are many towns that are very interesting to see. For example, Albarracín or Mojácar are recognized as some of the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, many of the Spaniards, even though they live in cities, have family in villages. So the popular festivities become a perfect excuse to escape from the city. Also, for to have fun with their family and friends.



During the main festivities, you con visit multiple events. They are a perfect opportunity to get to know the Spanish culture and experience the Spanish traditions in the first person.

The events held during the festivities are for all audiences. Concerts of orchestras and discombiles, parades of Moors and Christians…Actually,in February we have written a post about the celebration of this festivity in Bocairent. Moreover, the are popular games, gastronomic and sporting events.

If you have not been to the festivities, in the coming weeks you have this wonderful opportunity. You can get closer to the Spanish culture. Also you can live a unique experience! To know the detailed programming, you can visit the web pages of local councils. Below we leave some links where you can check this programming.

Next Popular Festivities in Valencia:

If you do not know what to do in Valencia during August  we recommend that you visit the patron festivals of the local towns.  It´s a perfect way to know more about Spanish traditions, Our Spanish school in Valencia offers you the best plans to combine your Spanish classes with multiple activities and leisure!