For this weekend we invite you to a very delicious outing to enjoy the typical merienda of Fallas in Valencia. Our Spanish school, El Rincó del Tándem, tells you everything in this post 😊

To help students from our Spanish school enjoy the Fallas with all their senses and have an immersive experience of this festival, we talk about the typical merienda of Fallas in Valencia.

We will take you on a short tour of the most famous places in the city where you can snack on buñuelos with hot chocolate.

Before we begin, we remind you that buñuelos are fritters made of fried flour dough. They are covered with sugar and are usually eaten with a good cup of hot chocolate.

Actually, you can enjoy this sweet combo at any time of the year (better in autumn or winter, of course), although eating chocolate with buñuelos is very typical during the days of Fallas.

Are you ready to embark on this little gastronomic tour?

If so, let’s start!

El Contraste, Calle de San Valero 12

Our first stop is just a few steps away from our Spanish school 😊

El Contraste is a family-run buñolería with a long history, with 5 generations of master buñoleros. Here you can try different varieties of buñuelos, such as sweet potato fritters, pumpkin fritters, wind fritters, etc.

Bea y la Fábrica de churros, Calle Matías Perelló 31

We stay in Ruzafa to head towards our second sweet stop. Bea y la fábrica de churros offers breakfast and snacks based on pumpkin fritters, chocolate and, of course, churros. Don’t miss the chance to try sweeter versions of the churros, such as the ones dipped in chocolate or filled with dulce de leche…

Horchatería Fabián, Calle Ciscar 5

On the way to the city centre, we stop at the Horchatería Fabián, considered one of the best in Valencia. Here we can enjoy the traditional Fallas snack and also have something chilly like an ice cream or a granita accompanied by a rich assortment of pastries. A perfect place to have a snack at any time of the year 😉

Horchatería Santa Catalina, Plaza de Santa Catalina 6

We are still stay in the city centre and we are heading towards the next stop. The Horchatería Santa Catalina, located right in the centre, is one of the oldest horchaterias in Valencia.
As well as being famous for its varied menu of chocolates and all its products, its popularity is also due to the charm of the place. In fact, its Manises ceramic tiled interiors give it a very special and unique atmosphere.

La churrería del barrio, calle Burgos 2

We finish our tour at La Churrería del Barrio. A very welcoming place and an essential stop for falleros and falleras in these days of celebration. Here you will also find churros, fritters and porras made with quality raw materials.

We hope that our post about the typical merienda of Fallas in Valencia has aroused your curiosity… and whetted your appetite 😊

As usual our Spanish school, El Rincón del Tándem, encourages you to get to know the local culture and traditions and to practice your Spanish outside the classroom.

Have a good weekend and bon profit!