The novels of Juan Gómez-Jurado are always on the best-selling lists in Spain.

Today we have dedicated our blog to the best novels by Juan Gómez-Jurado. This great Spanish writer and journalist has a large number of novels that have been translated into forty languages. He is one of the Spanish authors whose books we recommend to our Spanish students in the Rincón del Tándem. Remember, reading books in the original language is a good way to learn Spanish in an entertaining way and learn more about modern Spanish culture.

Spy of God

It is the first novel by Gómez-Jurado that became a bestseller in 42 countries. The plot takes place in Rome in 2005, beginning with the death of Pope John Paul II. For this reason, preparations begin for the conclave to elect a new Pope. Just then two cardinals are murdered and to find the murderer, we have the inspector and criminalist psychiatrist Paola Dicanti.

The Moses Expedition

The second novel by Gómez-Jurado shares some characters with his previous novel Espía de Dios. This adventure thriller is set in the Middle East in 2007. Thus, it tells the adventures of an expedition formed by a US billionaire, an Israeli archaeologist and an intrepid Spanish journalist. Your dangerous mission is to find the Ark of the Covenant that can cause the Third World War if it fell into the wrong hands.

The emblem of the traitor

The third novel of the author won the VII International Prize of Novel City of Torrevieja. This thriller is set in Germany in 1940. It tells the dangerous adventures Paul, a young man who lives with his mother and his uncles and tries to discover what really happened to his father who died in very rare circumstances.

We hope you liked this post. Soon we will publish more articles where we will recommend different means to study Spanish and complement your Spanish courses in Valencia.

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